• 0001489: [User Interface] Next/Previous Order shortcuts are marked as global but are only implemented in the pattern editor (Saga Musix)
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  • 0001745: [Playback Compatibility] Possible glitch in spx-visionsofthepast.it (Saga Musix)
  • 0001730: [libopenmpt] setting all load_skip flags results in no metadata at all (Saga Musix)
  • 0001740: [libopenmpt] set_position_seconds not seeking correctly with allsongs mode (Saga Musix)
  • 0001739: [Accessibility] OpenMPT crashes whenever I open certain shortcuts of modules within the program itself (Saga Musix)
  • 0001738: [General] Volume commands can be inserted in MOD using ctrl + scroll wheel. (Saga Musix)
  • 0001737: [libopenmpt] make CONFIG=emscripten EMSCRIPTEN_TARGET=wasm check produces no output (manx)
  • 0001712: [Feature Request] Display on narrow terminal (manx)
  • 0001724: [General] Previewing transposed note causes hanging plugin notes (Saga Musix)
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  • 0001718: [libopenmpt] set_pitch_factor does not affect FM instruments (Saga Musix)
  • 0001638: [User Interface] Laptop precision touchpad 2-finger scrolling: slow/fine scrolling does nothing in pattern editor (Saga Musix)
  • 0001715: [File Format Support] Saving an .iff sample without a name causes it to not be able to be loaded into the sample editor (Saga Musix)
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Small bugfix release to address some regressions.

  • 0001697: [User Interface] In 'Patterns' tab upper view, releasing 'Tab' key while 'Pattern Name' field is focused moves focus to lower view (Saga Musix)
  • 0001571: [User Interface] Effect letter keys stop working randomly (Saga Musix)
  • 0001700: [General] Edit History is not merged when appending modules. (Saga Musix)
  • 0001699: [General] RETRO build installation problems in (manx)
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A major update including new features, new supported file formats and many other improvements.

  • 0000057: [User Interface] Mousewheel vs. Instrument field (Saga Musix)
  • 0001698: [User Interface] Inputting notes in PE doesnt step to next pattern with Shift
  • 0001695: [Playback Compatibility] MO3: XM sustain point is always set to first envelope point (Saga Musix)
  • 0001674: [libopenmpt] clarify documentation for play.at_end (Saga Musix)
  • 0001549: [File Format Support] MMCMP-compressed modules can no longer be extracted from archives (Saga Musix)
  • 0001692: [Feature Request] Command line option to hide the program name for openmpt123 player. (manx)
  • 0001584: [Playback Compatibility] Replay discrepency regarding Protracker playback (Saga Musix)
  • 0001619: [Feature Request] Play/Stop from position keyboard shortcut (Saga Musix)
  • 0001653: [General] devise a way to provide automatic update for RETRO builds (manx)
  • 0001373: [Feature Request] Fasttracker 2 Custom Sync Event (Wxx) not implemented in OpenMPT (Saga Musix)
  • 0001668: [Feature Request] Interpolate effect arg nibbles individually if the effect type uses them individually (Saga Musix)
  • 0001665: [Playback Compatibility] Octamed invalid tempo (Saga Musix)
  • 0001666: [Playback Compatibility] volume slide ramping too smooth in Interference demo soundtrack (Saga Musix)
  • 0001664: [Plugins / VST] Crash when loading plugins while song is playing (Saga Musix)
  • 0001566: [Feature Request] Sample & sound font list search (Saga Musix)
  • 0001558: [Build System] Split build/auto into user-invocable and helper scripts (manx)
  • 0001654: [General] Exporting 32-bit FLAC streams
  • 0001651: [General] require Win10 21H2 for non-legacy builds (manx)
  • 0001555: [General] bump minimum requirements to Windows 10 1903 (Build 18362) for Windows 10 builds (manx)
  • 0001613: [Playback Compatibility] S3M: OPL2 samples shouldn't be affected by Gxx
  • 0001572: [General] use more std::chrono and less ctime (manx)
  • 0001607: [General] mpt/io_file split (manx)
  • 0001561: [libopenmpt] Allow getting and setting fractional tempo values (manx)
  • 0001556: [General] remove BuildVariants.* (manx)
  • 0001538: [General] enable C++20 (manx)
  • 0000605: [Plugins / VST] Finish plugin auto-suspend implementation (Saga Musix)
  • 0001552: [Audio I/O] "No Interpolation" will make a 32 sample 50% square sound not like a 50% square (Saga Musix)
  • 0001533: [General] Use MPT_COMPILER_SHIFT_SIGNED for C++20 (manx)
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  • 0001680: [User Interface] Improve keyboard tab navigation in Plugin Manager (Saga Musix)
  • 0001678: [User Interface] Browsing for "all module types" also shows unrelated file extensions (Saga Musix)
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  • 0001672: [General] Crash during playback or in instrument editor when trying to access invalid release node of empty envelope (Saga Musix)
  • 0001671: [Playback Compatibility] 'Z7F' cutoff commands don't apply properly for OPL instruments unless filter envelope is enabled (Saga Musix)
  • 0001661: [General] Use more descriptive changelog URL for development build update notifications (manx)
  • 0001659: [Audio I/O] Popping noise when previewing MIDI instruments in Tree View (Saga Musix)
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Bugfix release to address some regressions.

  • 0001657: [Feature Request] Initial instrument cutoff no longer affects OPL instruments
  • 0001655: [User Interface] Previewing instrument with built-in filter produces buzz (Saga Musix)
  • 0001649: [General] Updating with no modules open causes an empty module to be opened after restart (manx)
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  • 0001601: [libopenmpt] openmpt123 crashes on Win9x (manx)
  • 0001640: [Feature Request] MIDI pitch wheel should influence the pitch of the playing instrument while recording (Saga Musix)
  • 0001642: [General] Automatic update check chooses incorrect download (manx)
  • 0001641: [libopenmpt] Wrong S3M playback wihen ending with pattern loop (Saga Musix)
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  • 0001635: [User Interface] iOS RDP: typing into sample rate edit box double-registers each typed character (Saga Musix)
  • 0001634: [User Interface] Keyboard input largely (completely?) broken over Remote Desktop (Saga Musix)
  • 0001625: [libopenmpt] Add keyboard commands to openmpt123 manual page (manx)
  • 0001630: [User Interface] restore key should restore from defaults (Saga Musix)
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  • 0001631: [Playback Compatibility] 'Echo DMO' fix (r17509) causes difference in non-zero delay values compared to older versions (Saga Musix)
  • 0001628: [File Format Support] Soundfont instruments are not matched properly if bank LSB doesn't match (Saga Musix)
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  • 0001610: [Plugins / VST] Trance Gate 2 plugin resets resonance when resetting playback (Saga Musix)
  • 0001622: [Feature Request] PC Notes multi-channel recording (Saga Musix)
  • 0001617: [File Format Support] .brr support in sample browser (Saga Musix)
  • 0001611: [General] New (IMO false) behaviour when selecting in sampleeditor (zoomed in) (Saga Musix)
  • 0001606: [Build System] Cannot build with clang on windows since the makefile override CC and CXX (manx)
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  • 0001581: [General] Selection off-centered in sample editor. (Saga Musix)
  • 0001583: [User Interface] Add remove button for plugins (Saga Musix)
  • 0001592: [User Interface] Sample playhead interferes with cursor sample-point action in Sample Editor
  • 0001580: [Build System] OpenMPT Wine integration build script fails to compile (again) (manx)
  • 0001579: [Feature Request] Make Parameter Editor window remember it's position (Saga Musix)
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  • 0001565: [User Interface] Jester's epilepsy.mod breaks the openmpt123 user interface (manx)
  • 0001568: [User Interface] Base Octave does not honor group size of custom tunings (Saga Musix)
  • 0001578: [General] Crashing While Navigating With Go To… Dialog (Saga Musix)
  • 0001575: [User Interface] Go To… Dialog Upper Boundary Exceeded (Saga Musix)
  • 0001573: [User Interface] Ctrl + Mouse wheel down alters note cut/off/fade/pcx (Saga Musix)
  • 0001463: [Feature Request] Wet/dry slider on General tab does not update in realtime (Saga Musix)
  • 0001532: [General] Remove legacy update code (manx)
  • 0001560: [General] "Detailed documentation" link in C++ libopenmpt documentation leads to empty page (manx)
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  • 0001303: [libopenmpt] DMF-Files to fast via in_openmpt.dll (winamp) (Saga Musix)
  • 0001309: [Player input plugins (xmp-openmpt, in_openmpt)] IT vibrato speed incorrect (Saga Musix)
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