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0000856OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2016-09-14 12:51
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Summary0000856: When record mode on, visually change color of border, cursor, or highlighted row

When turning on the record mode in the pattern editor, it would be great to see more than the "record icon" on top, being activated/pressed down. For example one (or more) of the following would be nice when record mode is on:

  • Red (or any other color) border around the pattern editor field, Renoise-style
  • Cursor changes color (to user specified color)
  • The whole active row in the pattern changes color (to user specified color), Milky-Tracker style.

I don't remember at the moment how this was done in Fasttracker 2.

Whatever method would be implemented in OpenMPT with relative ease, this would really add some convenience, clarity and lucidity when editing a song in OpenMPT.

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2016-08-08 18:27

administrator   ~0002579

I personally would favour colouring the current row differently when in record mode.
IIRC, FastTracker2 coloured the VGA screen border when editing/record is active. (you cannot see that in DosBox).



2016-08-09 01:20

reporter   ~0002583

Yes, coloring the current row when in record mode sounds fine to me. May be overkill but, the ability to choose either one of the three mentioned methods choosable by the user in the Setup, would be something that you can't do in other trackers and would left me impressed! :D But one of the three, preferably highlighting/coloring the active row, would be amazing.

Thos would be very great to see it in one of the next OpenMPT versions! :)



2016-08-09 01:22

reporter   ~0002584

*thus (can't one edit one's own posts in the bug tracker after they're posted, btw?)



2016-09-04 23:07

reporter   ~0002640

Any updates on this? I don't know if nagging in the notes for updates makes things going faster - or rather makes the coders angry? ;)



2016-09-13 18:32

reporter   ~0002657

If you're talking about LIVE-recording, then +1 on this. (It seems superfluous if the record mode you mean is edit mode -- y'know, step by step).
I think just displaying a different "play row" highlight would do the trick. I can see using a bright red row highlighter while recording to one or more channels. And then it turns normal during record playback when the overdub is done.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2016-09-13 20:22

administrator   ~0002658

Whether it's superfluous or not depends on your workflow, I guess. manx' suggestion of adding a new colour for the active row seems like the easiest way to achieve this, and it would work both in live and step recording mode.



2016-09-13 22:49

reporter   ~0002659

Yes, superfluous is really in the eye of the beholder. I often jam with the current instrument and forgot I'm in record more - thus plastering the whole pattern with unwanted notes! I would not do that if the color of active row would be red or highlighted! So you would make things, at least for me, much easier :)

Btw - I somehow like the idea that LIVE recording and EDIT (step by step) both have THEIR OWN coloring / highlighting (different color) of the active row! What do you think, guys?

Btw2 - you could make it a hidden feature. So for guys who think that is vital, can turn that on. For all others - it's hidden. Simple as that. :)

I bet implementing is as easy as:

if in step-by-step mode, change active row color to: user preset a,b,c.
if in live-record mode, change active row color to: user preset d,e,f.

So lets do this, peeps! :)

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2016-09-14 10:28

administrator   ~0002661

I don't think there would be a necessity to make it a hidden feature, since it's easy to add new user-definable colours to the colour setup in the Display settings. The more complicated part is actually applying the colouring in the pattern editor. ;)



2016-09-14 12:51

reporter   ~0002666

Aha ok :) Then we don't have to actually make this a hidden feature, which is fine with me. :)

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