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0001566OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2022-02-10 03:53
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Summary0001566: feature request ~ sample & sound font list search

hopefully a simple search bar, possibly between the windows on the left that searches all the installed sound fonts and samples for instances of a word or phrase : eg type in snare and you will get results in the bottom of all the samples you have with that name (within your listed sample directory) and on the top all the sound fonts you have installed with that name, then delete your entry and it goes back to the usual lists - possibly wherever you left off, but obviously these details depend on you guys.

(I have a fairly extensive collection of both and I admit navigating the lists is a bit [ok I admit a lot] annoying)

This would make it much easier to find the samples / sound fonts we need... I think it could cut down the production time of many of us.

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