0000783: [Feature Request] cross-platform OpenMPT
0001189: [Feature Request] Multi-languages support
0000923: [Feature Request] Performance problems with VST plugins and multi-core support in OpenMPT
0001366: [Plugins / VST] LV2 support
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0001042: [libopenmpt] Render pattern channels to separate buffers
0001693: [Feature Request] Remote control for OpenMPT123 player
0000780: [libopenmpt] Add libopenmpt-info for querying module metadata in shell scripts
0001340: [libopenmpt] Require C++17 std::filesystem (manx)
0000779: [libopenmpt] Allow certain playback-related flags to be set as load-time ctl or during playback
0001080: [libopenmpt] Auto-normalize
0000765: [libopenmpt] Auto-trim tracks for libopenmpt
0001534: [General] remove VS2017 support (manx)
0001567: [Player input plugins (xmp-openmpt, in_openmpt)] openmpt123 and other libopenmpt clients should filter control characters (manx)
0000774: [libopenmpt] Merge some of libopenmpt_ext into libopenmpt (manx)
0001231: [User Interface] openmpt123 writes to windows console directly instead of writing to stdout (manx)
0000775: [libopenmpt] Remove deprecated Un4seen UNMO3 support (manx)
0000773: [libopenmpt] Better error reporting in C API (manx)
0000824: [libopenmpt] Add openmpt::module::get_selected_subsong() (manx)
0000818: [libopenmpt] Rename could_open_propability to could_open_probability (manx)
0000778: [libopenmpt] Rework libopenmpt versioning to be closer to SemVer (manx)
0000827: [libopenmpt] Use of throw() in public libopenmpt C++ header is deprecated (manx)
0000847: [General] MSVC Clang/C2 support for libopenmpt (manx)
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0001114: [User Interface] Rewrite pattern view drawing
0000713: [User Interface] KeyboardHook can ultimately invoke a message loop which can cause re-entry to the hook function
0000865: [File Format Support] Revised MPTM format - idea pool
       0001614: [File Format Support] store Edit History in UTC (manx)
0001273: [General] Enable long path awareness
0001160: [Plugins / VST] Allow MIDI macros of any length
0001456: [General] Rethink mod conversion
0001527: [Plugins / VST] VST3 support
0000917: [General] Virtualize MIDI I/O
0001005: [General] Optionally collect crash dumps
0000952: [Plugins / VST] Support for MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression)
0000837: [General] Do not reset sound device when changing previewed file/note
0000612: [Feature Request] Sample Tab: Allow separate selection of sample channels
0000501: [Feature Request] Audio recording to sample (manx)
       0000722: [Feature Request] Support sound device with only input channels (manx)
0001116: [Audio I/O] ASIO assertion failures (manx)
0000989: [User Interface] Confused by "tuning properties" interface
0001003: [User Interface] Pattern View :: Smoothscrolling enabled :: displays artifacts
0000700: [libopenmpt] openmpt123: pattern display is slow
0001647: [General] make mpt::IO::IFileData::pos_type 64bit (manx)
0000701: [User Interface] Move plugin settings to separate tab, add modular view (Saga Musix)
       0000606: [Plugins / VST] Implement routing to arbitrary input channels (Saga Musix)
       0000900: [Feature Request] Plugin chains with mixer support
0000842: [Plugins / VST] Add plugin delay compensation (Saga Musix)
0000782: [General] Cleanup source code directories (manx)
0001105: [General] clang-format support (manx)
0001001: [General] report 3rd party library compile warnings upstream (manx)
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0001724: [General] Previewing transposed note causes hanging plugin notes (Saga Musix)
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0001115: [Audio I/O] Support Windows 10 UWP MIDI API
0000781: [libopenmpt] Add libopenmpt-render
0001515: [General] Allow easier subsong support in MIDI and stream export
0001079: [libopenmpt] Allow blocking of specific file formats
0001017: [libopenmpt] Tick boundary rendering (was: Provide access to next play position)
0001406: [libopenmpt] Provide format name in addition to list of supported extensions
0001687: [User Interface] Use modern folder picker dialog on Windows Vista and later
0001408: [User Interface] Migrate MessageBoxes to Vista TaskDialog
0001447: [File Format Support] Better playback of imported formats
0001187: [File Format Support] OPL3 improvements for MPTM
0001620: [Plugins / VST] ARM64EC support
0000826: [libopenmpt] Richer libopenmpt metadata (e.g. sample filenames)
0001270: [Plugins / VST] Provide a workaround for bridged plugin GUIs in Wine
0001559: [General] Don't use WinAPI functions for INI reading/writing (manx)
0001288: [Audio I/O] crash handler does not work in WASAPI callback (manx)
0001350: [Audio I/O] Implement native WASAPI backend (manx)
0001240: [libopenmpt] Modernize C++ API (manx)
0001287: [libopenmpt] make libopenmpt samplerate non-variable (manx)
0001333: [Audio I/O] WASAPI Default Device should follow Windows default device changes (was: does not work correctly with USB headphones) (manx)
0001349: [Audio I/O] Audio dropouts using 4klang 3.2.2 and WASAPI PortAudio (manx)
0001112: [File Format Support] Properly report and handle out-of-memory (manx)
0000925: [libopenmpt] Support for external samples in libopenmpt (manx)
0001730: [libopenmpt] setting all load_skip flags results in no metadata at all
0001269: [Player input plugins (xmp-openmpt, in_openmpt)] remove in_openmpt (manx)
0001569: [libopenmpt] Feature Request: missing per-channel APIs
0001507: [Playback Compatibility] Automatic module playback regression suite (Saga Musix)
0000844: [Playback Compatibility] Various compatibility testcases (Saga Musix)
0001419: [File Format Support] openmpt123: use OpenMPT StreamExport (manx)
0001417: [libopenmpt] use OpenMPT sound devices in openmpt123 (manx)
0001242: [General] Eliminate unnecessary copies in charset conversion functions (std::string_view / no-ops) (manx)
0001413: [General] run clang-format on examples/, libopenmpt/, openmpt123/ (manx)
0000569: [General] Unicode strings in CSoundFile. (manx)
0001587: [Playback Compatibility] Sample / OPL retrigger changes behaviour when instrument is assigned to MIDI channel (Saga Musix)
0000627: [User Interface] Make OpenMPT completely DPI-aware (Saga Musix)
0001489: [User Interface] Next/Previous Order shortcuts are marked as global but are only implemented in the pattern editor (Saga Musix)
0001430: [General] decide how /shared should behave with non-matching architectures of OpenMPT.exe (manx)
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