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Summary0001543: ULT persistent tone portamento is not persistent.

OpenMPT tries to unroll Ultra Tracker tone portamento instead of properly implementing it as a persistent effect. This goes about as badly as you'd expect when the portamento is expected to carry between patterns.

Steps To Reproduce

Play porta.ult (attached) in OpenMPT. The tone portamento will not play correctly as it is supposed to carry between patterns.

Additional Information

Some actual modules that rely on this:

  • consolidation.ult carries tone portamento between orders 23 and 24 (channel 6).
  • the earth's last defender theme.ult carries tone portamento between orders 9 and 10. This module also relies on Ultra Tracker sample "finetune", which bafflingly seems to be added directly to the GUS frequency AFTER all note/octave calculations, but I don't think I ever got around to properly diagnosing it.

The relevant MikMod issue where this originally came up.

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related to 0001773 new Better support for some auto slide commands 


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