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0001675OpenMPTlibopenmptpublic2023-03-07 20:00
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Summary0001675: libopenmpt API additions: retrieval of loop start position, playback time at given position

Two useful API additions would be:

  • get_time_at_position(order, row) (similar to existing OpenMPT shortcut in pattern editor)
  • get_restart_position_order() / get_restart_position_row() - retrieve the order and row at which the currently selected subsong restarts. Need to determine the exact meaning in "all songs" playback mode, or maybe provide the subsong number as a parameter.

Combining those two APIs could give access to the position at which a module returns to when looping in seconds, but apart from that they can also provide other useful utilities (e.g. visualizing the module's order list and marking the restart position in a different color)

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