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0001005OpenMPTGeneralpublic2017-08-10 18:03
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Target VersionOpenMPT 1.?? (long term goals) 
Summary0001005: Optionally collect crash dumps

Many crashes are probably never reported to us, and if they are, people initially often do not know what information to provide.
It would be nice to at least optinally let the user submit the created minidump and INI settings to us automatically. For example, the crash dialog could have a checkbox along the lines of "[x] Submit crash information to OpenMPT developers".

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There are existing crash handler servers that we could look into, e.g. CrashFix.

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Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2017-08-10 14:49

administrator   ~0003144

We may also offer the user to automatically re-launch OpenMPT and re-open all the rescued module files.

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