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0001114OpenMPT[All Projects] User Interfacepublic2018-04-18 14:43
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Summary0001114: Rewrite pattern view drawing

Pattern view is currently drawn using our own paletted bitmap drawing functionality, ultimately blitting to GDI without any caching of the drawn pattern.

Scrolling is handled via ScrollWindow (or redrawing the whole the hole thing for platforms or settings where this will cause problems, like Wine).

This whole thing probably needs a more or less complete rewrite or refactoring.

There are multiple ways to rewrite it:

  • custom paletted bitmap with a cache buffer
  • plain GDI immediate mode
  • plain GDI with a cache buffer
  • GDI+ immediate mode
  • GDI+ with a cache buffer
  • Direct2D immediate mode (although possible, it probably does not make sense to target a cache buffer with Direct2D)

GDI+ can be used safely and unconditionally. It is supported on all platforms we support.

Direct2D has the advantage of being GPU-accelerated, especially on Windows 8 or later. We still need to provide a fallback for situations without Direct2D acceleration (where it would be slow) though.

All things considered, it is probably the best idea to abstract the actual rendering backend. We currently already kind of have such an abstraction in place in the form of CFastBitmap. It probably needs a lot of changes to its interface to be really usable as a true abstraction layer though.

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