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0001406OpenMPTlibopenmptpublic2021-01-02 16:36
ReporterSaga Musix Assigned To 
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Target VersionOpenMPT 1.31 / libopenmpt 0.7 (goals) 
Summary0001406: Provide format name in addition to list of supported extensions

emoon suggested that it would be useful to also have format names that map to the static list of supported file extensions. That way, a player or plugin can show a list of supported file formats in a nicer way than just providing file extensions, e.g. it could show "ProTracker (MOD)" instead of just "MOD". We already have the necessary information in Tables.cpp, it's just not exposed via the API.

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related to 0001079 new Allow blocking of specific file formats 




2021-01-01 13:45

administrator   ~0004600

Probably useful, but due to the fact that there is not a definitive 1:1 mapping between file extension and file format name, this needs some further discussion/analysis.

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