0001114: [User Interface] Rewrite pattern view drawing
0000713: [User Interface] KeyboardHook can ultimately invoke a message loop which can cause re-entry to the hook function
0000865: [File Format Support] Revised MPTM format - idea pool
       0001614: [File Format Support] store Edit History in UTC (manx)
0001273: [General] Enable long path awareness
0001160: [Plugins / VST] Allow MIDI macros of any length
0001456: [General] Rethink mod conversion
0001527: [Plugins / VST] VST3 support
0000917: [General] Virtualize MIDI I/O
0001005: [General] Optionally collect crash dumps
0000952: [Plugins / VST] Support for MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression)
0000837: [General] Do not reset sound device when changing previewed file/note
0000612: [Feature Request] Sample Tab: Allow separate selection of sample channels
0000501: [Feature Request] Audio recording to sample (manx)
       0000722: [Feature Request] Support sound device with only input channels (manx)
0001116: [Audio I/O] ASIO assertion failures (manx)
0000989: [User Interface] Confused by "tuning properties" interface
0001003: [User Interface] Pattern View :: Smoothscrolling enabled :: displays artifacts
0000700: [libopenmpt] openmpt123: pattern display is slow
0001647: [General] make mpt::IO::IFileData::pos_type 64bit (manx)
0000701: [User Interface] Move plugin settings to separate tab, add modular view (Saga Musix)
       0000606: [Plugins / VST] Implement routing to arbitrary input channels (Saga Musix)
       0000900: [Feature Request] Plugin chains with mixer support
0000842: [Plugins / VST] Add plugin delay compensation (Saga Musix)
0000782: [General] Cleanup source code directories (manx)
0001105: [General] clang-format support (manx)
0001001: [General] report 3rd party library compile warnings upstream (manx)
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