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Unassigned 1 - 10 / 368

"Step Cycler": an AWESOME simple idea for MUCH faster note input for many use cases and probably easy to implement too!
[All Projects] Feature Request - 2023-11-16 15:11
Add the ability to restrict "Paste Flood" to the current selection (either implicitly or via a new hotkey).
[All Projects] Feature Request - 2023-11-16 01:47
[rare] Plugin window crashes or closes itself whenever any "-" button for collapsing a plugin sublist is pressed.
[All Projects] User Interface - 2023-11-15 19:44
Center row to undo/redo toggle
[All Projects] Feature Request - 2023-10-25 21:10
Oktalyzer - Missing voice/notes (Grundlagen Demo Song.okt)
[All Projects] Player input plugins (xmp-openmpt, in_openmpt) - 2023-10-25 18:35
VST ppq is not updated when the cursor is moved
[All Projects] Plugins / VST - 2023-10-19 18:23
Extend assignable notes for Note Column keyboard input to benefit users of custom tunings
[All Projects] Feature Request - 2023-09-15 10:57
Rewrite portable updater in another language
[All Projects] General - 2023-09-11 22:25
Support Windows 10 UWP MIDI API
[All Projects] Audio I/O - 2023-09-11 12:22
OpenMPT hangs when opening the program when a new update is released
[All Projects] General - 2023-09-06 11:16

Resolved 1 - 10 / 814

make CONFIG=emscripten EMSCRIPTEN_TARGET=wasm check produces no output
[All Projects] libopenmpt - 2023-12-02 12:20
set_pitch_factor does not affect FM instruments
[All Projects] libopenmpt - 2023-10-04 14:10
Display on narrow terminal
[All Projects] Feature Request - 2023-10-04 14:10
Next/Previous Order shortcuts are marked as global but are only implemented in the pattern editor
[All Projects] User Interface - 2023-09-09 19:24
Previewing transposed note causes hanging plugin notes
[All Projects] General - 2023-09-01 09:49
Laptop precision touchpad 2-finger scrolling: slow/fine scrolling does nothing in pattern editor
[All Projects] User Interface - 2023-08-27 15:05
Saving an .iff sample without a name causes it to not be able to be loaded into the sample editor
[All Projects] File Format Support - 2023-06-30 13:29
Shortened drum key envelopes in SF2 instruments
[All Projects] File Format Support - 2023-06-16 20:02
Mousewheel vs. Instrument field
[All Projects] User Interface - 2023-05-11 08:25
In 'Patterns' tab upper view, releasing 'Tab' key while 'Pattern Name' field is focused moves focus to lower view
[All Projects] User Interface - 2023-05-07 10:52


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