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0001390OpenMPTUser Interfacepublic2020-11-21 11:03
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Summary0001390: Pattern zoom

Ctrl+Mouse Wheel can already be used to zoom into samples and envelopes. Similar functionality would be nice to have for the pattern editor.

It would be somewhat easy to implement this for system fonts, as we can easily scale them. Not sure if it's worth implementing this for the built-in bitmap fonts.

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2020-11-21 11:03

reporter   ~0004516

For the built-in bitmap fonts, maybe when zooming in, OpenMPT just switches to x2, then x3 of the current font size (Large/Small) and vice-versa for the zooming out, so you have fixed scalings for them.

Example: My default font-size is Large

-> zooming in with Ctrl + Mouse Wheel changes this to Large, x2

-> zooming in again changes this to Large, x3

-> zooming in again doesn't change the size, since there's no more larger sizes defined

This should only change between the same kind of fonts, so Small can't become Large and vice-versa.

In short: Small -> Small, x2 -> Small, x3 and Large -> Large, x2 -> Large, x3

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