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0000066OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2017-06-05 02:22
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Summary0000066: Ability to stretch samples to a given number of song ticks (rows)

I have an idea, which may be useful for song writters: the ability to stretch samples to a given number of song ticks (rows), I mean not by time-stretching but with changing the default playback frequency (the speed of playback). It is annoying to calculate it manually everytime.
The way of doing it is like this:


  • (

This functionality will be handy in the sample editor window.

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has duplicate 0000296 closed Imported request - Tempo lock feature for loops 
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Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2011-02-09 08:10

administrator   ~0000061

Did you have a look at the Pitch/Tempo lock option in the instrument properties? You can use that to automatically correct the playback frequency according to the current BPM.



2011-02-09 09:28

reporter   ~0000062

Last edited: 2011-02-09 09:31

"Pitch/Tempo lock" is usable to change the playback frequency of the sample locked to the song's BPM changes. But it's not exactly what i need.


I have a sample containing 4 beats (16 ticks) cutted out from a 96 BPM old music:

I'm creating a music at 125 BPM with 4 ticks per beats:

I want to play the sample in my song syncronized with the beats of the song:

I need to calculate the required (new) initial playback frequency of the sample to do this.

After this calculation and setting the initial playback frequency the "Pitch/Tempo lock" option is great to keep the frequency syncronized with the song's BPM changes.



2015-04-07 20:05

reporter   ~0002029

I second this one. LOL especially since I essentially requested the same thing here.



2017-01-19 19:03

reporter   ~0002852

This issue can be marked as resolved (and then closed), because "Time Stretching" feature seems to be correctly implemented in the Sample Editor...



2017-01-21 04:34

reporter   ~0002853

But the whole point of this request is to allow locking of a loop's tempo to the song's BPM when the loop does not have a precise tempo and without using time stretching, just simple pitch shifting. I.E. Specify the length of the loop/sample in number of rows or beats, and it then stays synchronized with the host tempo.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2017-01-21 13:30

administrator   ~0002854

As Diamond says, the original request would still be nice to have, especially for compatibility with some other rare formats. So I will keep the issue open for now.



2017-06-05 02:22

reporter   ~0003044

I like the idea very much and i would use it too from time to time if the function is avibal
Streching samples by ticks and rows sounds very useful

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