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0000200OpenMPTFile Format Supportpublic2017-08-02 12:46
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Summary0000200: Sample Limit

Unable to import any samples beyond a hard 199 sample limit. While one could simply add samples into samples to double their length thus getting one under the limit, it'd be nice if this limitation wasn't there.

Steps To Reproduce

Try to add over 199 samples to a file. Error is "Too many samples!"

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duplicate of 0000969 resolvedSaga Musix Strange Sample and Instrument numbering jumps around 200 
child of 0000865 new Revised MPTM format - idea pool 


Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2011-10-17 07:21

administrator   ~0000525

You can reference up to 4000 samples in instrument mode (should only be done in the MPTM format, though). You will only be able to load up to 256 instruments, though, since you wouldn't be able to enter higher values into the pattern anyway (the instrument column is 8-Bit).

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