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0001243OpenMPTFile Format Supportpublic2019-08-09 20:47
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Product VersionOpenMPT / libopenmpt 0.4.4 (upgrade first) 
Summary0001243: When exported to MIDI, notes that would normally finish at the end of a bar are not cut off and continue until the end.

I exported 8-bit Kids with Dreams by Skyline (.it) into a MIDI file. There are long notes that last until the end of each bar. When exporting this to a MIDI, the notes do not cut off at the end of the bar and instead all last until the end of the MIDI file, overlapping each other.

Steps To Reproduce

Export a .it with notes that finish at the end of each bar as a MIDI file.

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Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2019-08-09 06:39

administrator   ~0003988

Can you please provide a link to the module in question?

Note: If a sampled note dies "naturally" (i.e. there is no explicit note-off event and the sample just reaches its end), then there is no way for the MIDI export to know that. It will just keep playing the note until there is a note-off or another note. on the same channel (assuming NNA is not set to "continue"). Given that note-off works in general, maybe this is what is happening here.



2019-08-09 10:52

reporter   ~0003989

Should be this one:

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2019-08-09 17:31

administrator   ~0003990

So yeah, the chord instrument has NNA=Continue. It might be possible to send a note-off once the volume envelope reaches its end, but apart from that, in general case, there is little that can be done here.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2019-08-09 20:14

administrator   ~0003991

As a workaround, set the New Note Action of instrument to anything but "Continue" for MIDI export. You cannot expect MIDI conversions of just about any module to sound correct because there are just too many differences between module land and MIDI land, and this is one of them.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2019-08-09 20:46

administrator   ~0003992

I had a closer look at the export code again and decided that trying to "fix" this would make the export more complex than it should be. As mentioned above, there is a reason why this happens, and there is a workaround that you can use for exporting this module without troubles. Hence I'm going to close this issue.

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