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0000981OpenMPTAudio I/Opublic2017-06-24 14:04
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PlatformLaptopOSWindowsOS Version8.1 64 Bit
Product VersionOpenMPT 1.27.00.* (old testing) 
Summary0000981: Mute Instrument Button in Instrument and maybe in Sampleview

I create some kind of layered "sound", to do so I draw some samples and put them on some channels to play them together as a layered "sound".
Now i switch trhough the involved instruments and fidle a bit on theyr envelopes.
Now there is some instrument in this layered sound that sounds not so good.
I think its in the nature of a layered sound that it could be any of the involved instruments, it could be the one or the other instruments of maybe four which are involvet to this sound
To find the disturbing instrument the best way i actualy see it to move into the patternview and mute the channels where the instruments are placed on, mute and unmute one after the other until it affects the bad component of the layered sound.
Once the bad sound component is found i move back to the sample draw mode or to the instrument envelope to fidle again on it until it sounds better.

Now the idea was to get a Mute Instrument button in the Instrument view it self.
The idea would be to click on this button and then this instrument would be muted completely out while the pattern it self would play onwards.
This would save some time because i whould not have to move into the pattern view to mute and unmute channels to find the evil sample/instrument.
I and others could mute this instrument directly in the instrument view, this means we just need to switch the instrument in the instrument view and quickly press this mute instrument button, if it is the wrong instrument we move on to the next instrument and quickly mute it until we have found the bad sound.

It may would get confusing if the instrument is mutet it self but the channel where it is played looks unmuted, therefore i would suggest a special button that mutes the instrument but just while the button is actively pressed, and as soon the button is unpressed or looses the focus the instrument would play again.
In that way the button would not constantly mute sounds but just for the time a user clicks on it.

in that way i could switch through the instruments and press this button until the bad sound is found and there would be no need to switch into the patternview and back.
So this Button would not be a the same as muted channels, it would just be some thing like a quick sound debugger button.
There would be no need to switch through tabs or to set the volume to 0 or to copy the envelope and then delete it and mute the sound through an envelope and then paste the old envelope again on it because it was an other sound.
Just click the Quck Mute Button and the sound would be quiet until you let the button go.

I would use this to debug layered sounds, what i use less but may is interessting to others, the button may also could be used in some live setting, people could play some instruments and then instantly mute some instrument by clicking the button and when they let be button go the sound returns.

I would use this button often in instrumentview, but i also can imagine how such a butten could be useful in the sampleview, just for people who only work with samples.

the satate of this button would be never and nowhere saved as i see it, but maybe others, specialy people who use modplug in a live setting may will whish sooner or later to get also the ability to record some how this button as an note event (cut/fade/off) the problem is the instrument or sample could be on any or multible channels, how could modplug record this button to the right channels where this instrument plays?

But actualy i would just be happy if it mutes the instrument as long as i click the button to bebug the layered sounds, no need to record this at all, just switch instruments click the button and find the bad component without moving to patternview.

I hope some one understands what i mean and gets the picture of this idea.

Just to describe what i do in a later step, i would export the layered sound once it sounds "perfectely" into a new sampleslot to use it as it is.

Steps To Reproduce

Draw samples
convert them to instruments
place the instruments on different channels to play them together as one layered sound
go to instrumentview and apply some envelope or effect
when you feel a bad component in your sound hit the instrument up down switch number button to switch through your instruments and hit the quickmute button until you have the bad instrument identifyed right before your eyes.
Let the button go and hear the sound again to debug its envelope or slope if you work in the sampleview

Additional Information

It would save some time and it would be less confusing as when you have to switch trough all the view tabs to disassemble wour layered sound.

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Has the bug occurred in previous versions?ModPlug is great
Tested code revision (in case you know it)


Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2017-06-24 14:03

administrator   ~0003088

Can you pretty please stop writing 10 paragraphs of text that is irrelevant to the actual feature request? It makes parsing out what you actually want incredibly difficult. If I need a rationale why a feature would be useful, I will ask for it, but I don't want it in the form of a long story.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2017-06-24 14:04

administrator   ~0003089

Also, you can already mute samples/instruments through the context menu in the tree view.

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