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0000871OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2016-09-09 22:05
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Summary0000871: Presets for Group channel selection in the Channel Manager

In the Channel Manager (or directly in the pattern editor), I wished for a feature, where you can active/deactivate (solo,mute) a whole group of channels at once - and have several Presets slots to load/save from. I didn't find a preset load/save feature in the Channel Manager. Did I overlooked something here?

If not, here's an example what I need: I need it very often to listen to, lets say, channel 1-20 at once (rest muted), then after working on them, Channel 21-40 need to be activated (rest muted), then 41-60 (rest muted). So we have 3 presets here.

By hand, of course, this is very cumbersome to do, to click each channel on and off, with modules that have 64 channels (which I use and need often).

Is that possible in OpenMPT already? If not, lets do this!

So: mute/unmute (solo/unsolo) presets for channel groups would be awesome and I bet, very easy to do, but for me, very effective and efficient!

Presets could be user specified of course.

Preset1: Channel 1-20 activated, 21-64 off
Preset2: Channel 21-40 activated, 1-20 & 41-64 off
Preset3: Channel 41-64 activated, 1-40 off

And very easy to load these presets up, with keyboard shortscuts, would be awesome.

This would help much in with my tracker projects (Saga Musix knows what I mean!) Thanks!

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Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2016-09-05 18:19

administrator   ~0002641

There is a request for channel grouping already (on the forums, I think), but so far this has not been implemented since it would require quite some modifications. You have probably already discovered the Store and Restore buttons in the Channel Manager which help at least a little bit, but that's of course just one preset and it's not stored across sessions.
While implementing support for more presets would take a while, I think we could improve the current behaviour when dragging the mouse over the buttons by not inverting the button state basically everytime the mouse is moved. That way, you could easily just move the mouse once e.g. through channels 1-20 and change all their states at once.



2016-09-05 23:17

reporter   ~0002642

Ahh, nice, that sounds like a plan, Saga!

For the time being, we could indeed solve it like that, thanks. Any possibility and workarounds for easing up constant channel on/off clicking on my side would really take away much sweat and save time here.

Plus, when I'm too hasty, I often accidentally switch channels (drag'n'dropping / swapping two channels, although I only wanted to quickly set them off or on).

Please keep me updated on this!

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2016-09-09 21:27

administrator   ~0002651

r7086 (soon available from contains the improvements discussed in the first comment.



2016-09-09 22:01

reporter   ~0002652

Cool stuff. Looking forward for several-presets-implementation in some time then.



2016-09-09 22:02

reporter   ~0002653

(i.e. what I meant was, you said support for more presets will take a while, can't wait for that, as well.) :)

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2016-09-09 22:03

administrator   ~0002654

Don't get your hopes too high though. The channel manager code is extremely unpleasant to work with, and I'd rather steer some energy into features that don't end in frustration on my side.



2016-09-09 22:05

reporter   ~0002655

Yes, I would wish that feature outside the channel manager anyway (as I don't use it usually at all). Don't know if that makes it easier to implement for you though, to add channel grouping/presets directly in the pattern editor.

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