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0000764OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2016-08-18 13:30
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Summary0000764: Export to MIDI by channel

I'm not sure if anyone else would get some use out of this, but I would definitely welcome the ability to export to MIDI by channels and not only by instruments. Yes, many modules have multiple instruments on one channel, but there are some that are neatly organized (or are easy to "fix" after exporting) and it would definitely make some things easier for (I hope) not only me.

Thanks and I hope this isn't a too stupid idea. :D

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related to 0000420 new Single Pattern/Channel MIDI Export 


Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2016-04-11 16:52

administrator   ~0002326

Last edited: 2016-04-11 16:53

Everyone else complained about the old behaviour (one track per channel), and I'm not sure if it ever makes practical sense to use this old behaviour. Do you have any use case in mind where your actually need to have one track per channel?



2016-04-11 17:42

reporter   ~0002327

Under normal circumstances it's better when it's per instrument, but when you have more channels for the same instrument (eg. one for left stereo channel, second for right stereo channel), the export merges them together which isn't good. This option might also make you able to export tracks with panning, since that's per channel, not per instrument.
I always could export more MIDI tracks, though. Oh, I didn't think of that... not to mention there's often more than 16 channels in a module, so it would be pretty much necessary.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2016-04-11 17:47

administrator   ~0002328

In your example with a left and right stereo channel, you should maybe just mute one of the channels - it won't get exported to MIDI then. You will have to either do it before or after the export anyway, and doing it before the export will save me from rewriting everything. ;)

<blockquote>This option might also make you able to export tracks with panning, since that's per channel, not per instrument.</blockquote>
Exporting every channel to its own MIDI track won't help you there, though - you always have just 16 MIDI channels, and if e.g. track 1 sets panning of MIDI channel 1, it will also affect any notes on track 2 that play on MIDI channel 1.



2016-04-11 18:00

reporter   ~0002329

Yeah, I found out about that after I submitted the suggestion, but I was wondering if I oculd minimize the amount of MIDI files, it's fine though, in the end they're going to be merged, anyway. :D

About the panning and volume, if I would assign each channel its own MIDI track, it should be fine, right?

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2016-04-11 18:02

administrator   ~0002330

If you assign everything to its own MIDI <em>channel</em>, then yes. Assigning everything to its own MIDI <em>track</em> won't change anything though, unless you send every track to its own plugin / or MIDI device. But when playing your file on a single MIDI device, you are always limited by the 16 MIDI channels, no matter how many MIDI tracks you use.



2016-04-11 18:08

reporter   ~0002331

Damn, swapped the terms... I meant channels, sorry. Anyway, I think we (or just I) don't need this feature, anymore. Thanks!

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