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0000048OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2017-05-06 15:33
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Target VersionOpenMPT / libopenmpt 0.3.1 (upgrade first)Fixed in VersionOpenMPT / libopenmpt 0.3.1 (upgrade first) 
Summary0000048: New Amplify Function

Often i'd like to ramp amplification from x% to y% of the given values. This would be a helpful change to the present function, which allows Fades, but only to or from 0%. (I will look later to see if i can derive the necessary code, unless someone else gets to this first....Nope after looking, it looks a little too complicated for me to tinker with. It's not a simple dialog implementation -- probably because it works for two different functions.)
Attached is the mockup for the new Amplify dialog i envision.

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2010-12-02 20:53


NewAmpify.PNG (4,420 bytes)   
NewAmpify.PNG (4,420 bytes)   


2011-08-02 01:27

reporter   ~0000293

I would set this priority to low, for such exact fading I would rather recommend using a wave editor.



2011-08-02 17:05

reporter   ~0000304

At some point I wish this feature. I would use a feature like this several times. Is not for a exact fading, I guess that is something like a (f.e.) "slight" fade-in/out instead of modyfing a sample.

I understad like this:

In 1st & 2nd channel are applied a standard fade in/out, but I guess he means for a starting volume fading like the 4th channel and so for the fade out, start fade in from v48 (f.e.) and stop on fadeout on v16.

I consider this feature useful rather than assign a lower priority.



2011-08-03 13:49

reporter   ~0000307

I would also like to add a secondary request -- linear or logarithmic fading, which would apply a calculation to how the fade approaches it's target value.

BTW, this is mostly for fading interpolated values in the PE, but can be applied to sample data values too.



2011-08-03 21:37

reporter   ~0000309

Mmm... I guess that is in some way similar to get those features also available at both vol & efx column.



2013-01-03 20:06

reporter   ~0001026

Instead of starting a new thread, i'll think i'll just attach a further request to this one in case it gets worked on later.

I went back to work on an old piano suite, and found that the VSTi was being played too loudly, affecting the dynamics of each note. I had volume commands on every note, so i wanted to lessen these values. I found to my chagrin that there's not an Amplify function for all channels in all patterns. Even the Find/Replace dialog does not offer a percentage or value modifier in its functions. Of course i didn't want to reduce the volume per se, so using the volume sliders in the General tab wouldn't have been useful.

We could definitely use a modification to either the Amplify dialog or the Find/Replace dialog. If scripting is far away, perhaps we could incorporate such a feature...

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2017-05-06 15:33

administrator   ~0003017

Implemented in r8137 / OpenMPT

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