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0000448OpenMPTUser Interfacepublic2013-11-18 01:46
ReporterReally Weird Person Assigned ToSaga Musix  
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version8
Product VersionOpenMPT (upgrade first) 
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Summary0000448: Sample Map Not Working Properly

I am not sure if this has been posted before, but I looked for and didn't see it. The sample map in the instruments tab does not work properly. After sample 255, the numbers loop with sample 256 displaying as ….

Steps To Reproduce

Open a file with at least 256 samples. --> Open the Instruments tab. --> In the sample column, type the number of the last sample.

Additional Information

If the number is 256, you will see …. If the number is greater than this, the sample number restarts at 1.

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Has the bug occurred in previous versions?Yes ( and possibly earlier, but later than
Tested code revision (in case you know it)3212


Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2013-11-17 21:33

administrator   ~0001375

Cannot confirm, neither with IT nor with MPTM. An example module that clearly demonstrates the problem and still works with older versions would be helpful.

Really Weird Person

Really Weird Person

2013-11-18 00:11

reporter   ~0001380

Last edited: 2013-11-18 00:12
Hopefully that will work for you.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2013-11-18 00:55

administrator   ~0001382

It should be possible again to read extended instruments from files made with OpenMPT 1.19 or older.

Really Weird Person

Really Weird Person

2013-11-18 01:43

reporter   ~0001383

It is fixed.
That was definitely a weird bug.

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