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0000242OpenMPTFile Format Supportpublic2012-04-21 18:31
ReporterLPChip Assigned ToSaga Musix  
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Summary0000242: XM effect works while it shouldn't

In the XM format, the Axy command does Volume Slide. When you write in AF1, it actually recognizes this as the IT equivilant: DF1, which is a fine volume slide.

This effect however does not exists in XM. In XM one would use EAx and EBx instead.

So Whenever someone uses DF1 or D1F, modplug should completely ignore the effect, like other trackers to remind people that they'd need another effect.

Steps To Reproduce

Write a pattern with a sample playing at full volume, and give it AF1 volume slide. Volume should stay normal.

Additional Information

MadTracker will ignore AF1 completely, and according to the specs, its an invalid combination. Even the right-click menu in OpenMPT has it right!

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Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2012-04-18 20:42

administrator   ~0000693

Last edited: 2012-04-18 22:38

<blockquote>When you write in AF1, it actually recognizes this as the IT equivilant: DF1, which is a fine volume slide.</blockquote>

Wrong, DF1 is interpreted as D01, while it should be interpreted as DF0 (<i>not</i> ignored as you claim). Of course that's still wrong, but not the same as your described.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2012-04-21 18:21

administrator   ~0000698

Should be fixed in revision 1252. Please try



2012-04-21 18:31

manager   ~0000700

Confirmed. :)

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