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0000023OpenMPT[All Projects] Plugins / VSTpublic2012-05-08 16:03
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Summary0000023: Some VSTs do not work correctly when choosing a different sampling rate in WAV export

Some VSTs like the 4front piano module VSTi (Synth1 also has problems, but they might be of other nature, will have to check) seem to break when using a different sampling rate for WAV export than using for playback.

Steps To Reproduce

Set soundcard sampling rate to 48KHz, play attached song.
Export song to WAV at 44KHz.
I also tried to set the soundcard samplin rate to 44Khz and then export at 48KHz, but that surprinsigly worked correctly.

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Has the bug occurred in previous versions?Yes, all of them.
Tested code revision (in case you know it)


Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2010-11-06 12:26


introtune re-edit.7z (21,619 bytes)
Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2012-05-08 16:03

administrator   ~0000713

After some further investigation, Renoise seems to do the same with 4Front Piano, so I assume it's a plugin issue.

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