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0000219OpenMPTPlayback Compatibilitypublic2012-03-08 11:10
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Summary0000219: Portamentos processed even if channel is muted

While it likely won't cause issues for many/any (and isn't even a problem for me yet)... I'd better give a bit of background first. As I use EWQL Play for some instruments and as it's VST hasn't really been wonderfully received within OMPT I've been using other VSTs (Midibag's VST2MID and/or one called jthalmus (it and others available at to output channel data across the MIDI bus of my soundcard for both Play's benefit and for lighting control (w00t! I can run my lights from within the tracker!! muahaha..). Anyway, in doing all of this I've also set up MIDI-OX to allow input from my "normal" MIDI controllers.. and it's become somewhat common practice for me lately to leave the Output monitor window open in MIDI-OX (else I would never have caught this behavior). It should also be noted that I'm essentially running a MIDI loopback from the OUT of my card to the IN so that I can set the VST in the tracker to output to the MIDI card, and set Play to receive MIDI from the same card.

Now then.. in one of these channels I'm using to control a Play instrument, I use portamentos in the volume column for some pitch bends (tone portas done thusly are output via the VSTs as pitchbend controls). When the channel is muted I notice that the pitchbend events are still being processed (as portas in OMPT) and are being sent out, though nothing else is (that I've seen yet...). Normally this shouldn't cause anyone any problems, unless they've set more than one channel up to control the same MIDI channel -- for some reason.. but anyway, it COULD cause something of a headache to someone down the line.

Listing this as a 'tweak' in hopes that it's a fairly simple change to make. :)

FYI: I have tried both with and without the option "Ignored muted channels" enabled, and have tried multiple "VST2MID"-like plugins to ensure it wasn't plugin behavior. Also interesting -- each time a module that uses one of these VST2MID-type plugins is closed, a "CC: Pedal (Sustain)" event shows up on every MIDI channel in the MIDI-OX output monitor. Others (such as "Reset Cntrl, All Notes Off, All Sound Off") I understand being in the close code.. but why the sustain pedal (MIDI CC64)..?

Steps To Reproduce

Create a new file. Add VST2MID or jthalmus as a plugin. Create a new instrument using no samples, set it to use the MIDI plugin loaded and any appropriate MIDI channel. Then set the VST to output to your MIDI controller. Enter some notes in a channel, being sure to use some tone portamentos in the volume column. Use some program (MIDI-OX perhaps) to monitor the in/output of your MIDI controller. Note how when the channel in OMPT is NOT muted, all events show up in the output monitor (as they should..) but that when muted, ONLY the "pitch bend" events show up (as they should not..!)

Additional Information

I realize this is likely not a problem for anyone, and understand if it gets put waaaaay down in the queue.. ;)

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Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2012-02-13 09:05

administrator   ~0000604

I guess there are good reasons for applying and not applying portamento on muted channels - as it's a per-channel thing, you could have notes on other channels that are affected by the portamento and thus won't be bent anymore. But then again, why should they be affected by something that's happening on a muted channel?

As for your off-topic question, there are happening quite a few things when a track is stopped, but why this particular CC is sent, I have no idea. I just assume that various properties are reset to their defaults.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2012-02-14 21:49

administrator   ~0000605

Revision 1181 disables MIDI portamento on muted channels. Please check



2012-02-15 05:17

reporter   ~0000606

Last edited: 2012-02-15 13:27

i believe i obtained this rev. via the testing update check prior to seeing the link here; though just in case they somehow were different i downloaded/tested both... the PORTAMENTOS BEING SENT WHEN THE CHANNEL IS MUTED issue still exists. (edit -- the cc64 stuff was an odd attempt at humor I s'pose.. sorry for the confusion.) o:)

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2012-02-15 08:31

administrator   ~0000607

Well that is not the original issue - please open one issue per bug report please. I only fixed pitchbend handling.



2012-02-19 09:59

reporter   ~0000608

Updated to testing and can confirm the issue still exists there.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2012-02-19 12:52

administrator   ~0000609

Please provide a minimal test case (preferrably with free VSTs) where portamento is processed when it shouldn't.



2012-02-19 22:24

reporter   ~0000610

Allright. Download "jthalamus":

    -> Music and audio softwares
    -> (a few files down on the page)

place the dll into your VST folder. Open OMPT and create a new OMPT module (have not tested with other formats yet..). Add jthalamus as plugin 1 (after of course adding it to your plugin mgr..) and then edit the plugin parameters. On the input tab, we're only concerned with MIDI messages being sent from the tracker; ensure "Receive midi from host" is checked. Right-click somewhere inside the VST for it's own context menu and ensure "Log input data" is checked. Don't worry about a valid output MIDI device or any other options; just leave jthalamus open on the Input tab. In OMPT, make an instrument. I usually clear the samples but if it's an empty MPTM file you shouldn't have to. Set your instrument to use jthalmus on MIDI/VST channel 1.

In a new pattern enter a note or two. After one of the notes enter some porta commands in the volume column. You should now have something similar to the following:

1 C-5 01 .. ...
2 ... ..E01 ...
3 ... ..E01 ...
4 ... ..E01 ...
5 D-5 01 .. ...

Play the track. Notice the input window of jthalamus logs the data as it happens. Now, mute the channel you just put that into. Play it again. Nothin.. ah, wait. There's the porta commands that are supposed to be muted.



2012-02-19 22:25

reporter   ~0000611

Last edited: 2012-02-19 22:28

And yeah.. I've tested other MIDI out VSTs and other loggers to ensure it's not just jthalamus. ;)

I'm wondering if it's just porta commands in the volume column that are being sent -- nope, no matter which column (note or effect) the MIDI signals are sent upon OMPT's processing of the portamento commands. :/

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2012-02-20 22:52

administrator   ~0000612

You must be confusing something here - the pitchbend events that I receive here are those when explicitely closing or opening input - in which case pitch bend is reset to centre, all notes are killed, etc... The actual pitch bends in the pattern are not transmitted anymore. All you should see in jthalamus is

[1] Pitchbend (-16384)
[1] CCM: [CMM] Reset All Controllers (121,0)
[1] CCM: [CMM] All Notes Off (123,0)
[1] CCM: [CMM] All Sound Off (120,0)

For all 16 MIDI channels.



2012-03-06 12:26

reporter   ~0000615

Nope... no confusion here. Appologies for the time taken to respond. :) For your reference, i've taken logfiles using MIDI-OX of a pattern's playback which contains this issue... and though i've used MIDI-OX here, i can still confirm as well that using ONLY jthalmus as i previously advised, the issue is still present.

Here are the logfiles:

In that folder you will find 3 files applicable to this issue:

  • MIDILog1-UNmuted_channel.txt - This is playback of the whole 128-row pattern with the channel [using the instrument that's set to send MIDI messages via either jthalmus or VST2MID] not muted. Note the standard note events, pitchbends, and standard i/o closing MIDI messages from when i stopped playback at the end of the pattern.
  • MIDILog2-MUTED_channel.txt - This is playback of the same pattern with ALL channels muted.. for info's sake, there's only ONE channel doing any pitchbends. Note the note events are indeed gone; however the pitchbend events remain; followed again with the i/o messages when i stopped playback at the identical point of playback as when logging the UNmuted channel.
  • OMPT_MIDI-pitchbend-screens.jpg - This is a screenshot taken DURING playback, with ALL CHANNELS muted; done a moment after playback passed the point of the E03 events -- for reference this is data in Channel 12 of the screenshot. Note 4 lines of E03 followed by a single G09 in the volume column -- and corresponding logging of the MIDI pitchbends in the MIDI-OX output monitor.

For reference, the output monitor was cleared between each log and/or screenshot to ensure no "junk" from previous tests was logged or visible. The pitchbend events still exist.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2012-03-07 00:37

administrator   ~0000616

I think the problem only happens for channels that were already active (sending note data to the plugin) when muting them. Can you confirm that the problem doesn't occour when first muting all channels and then restarting playback?



2012-03-07 03:24

reporter   ~0000617

Last edited: 2012-03-07 03:25

Yep -- that's what i've done each time. i generally mute/unmute channels prior to beginning playback.. though for fun, i've just now tested the following 3 scenarios:

1) Muting ALL channels before playing back a pattern [using F7 / "Play pattern from start"] containing portamentos->MIDI Pitchbend;
2) UNMuting the channel in question before playing -- then muting the channel during playback whilst still before the rows containing the porta commands;
3) Muting ALL channels, then saving the module (MPTM format..) and hitting "Play Song from Start" (still with all channels muted)... [thought process here is there might be something in the SAVE routine that is setting the MIDI on/off..?]

In the first two cases, as soon as rows are processed the MIDI data is generated. In the third case, however, NO MIDI data is sent..!

After running a few more tests, it appears that the pitch bend MIDI data is sent while the channel is muted only if the song is not played from the beginning ("Play Song from Start" option). Somehow, when "Play Song from Start" is initiated, this causes OMPT to recognize the muted channel's status and the MIDI events are not sent. That oughtta help..! :) Even when clicking onto another order from the one currently playing -- so long as playback was initiated from the module beginning (ie: F6 is the default button i believe -- aKa the "Play Song from Start" option) the MIDI pitchbend data is NOT sent.

[[Now that the problem's appearance seems to be traceable, i offer my appologies for leaving out the fact that apparently, i had been playing back from either a current row or the current pattern (or, sometimes using the "Play pattern from start" [or F7] option..) ^_^ i thought i was already being exceptionally nitt-picky, but fell short on that one small detail..]]



2012-03-07 08:51

reporter   ~0000618

noticed .74 go up -- tested; and results are better -- however, if one mutes the channel in question and plays the pattern (F7) it works the FIRST time -- then if you unmute the channel and re-mute it, the pitchbend data is sent again. :/

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2012-03-07 13:34

administrator   ~0000619

I didn't change anything related to MIDI pitch bends in .74 - but I can imagine where the inconsistent behaviour comes from and I'll check it out soon.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2012-03-08 00:14

administrator   ~0000636

Ok, revision 1210 / OpenMPT should <i>really</i> fix the issue.



2012-03-08 05:04

reporter   ~0000642

Threw everything at this one which i could conceive of, to test -- and as near as i can figure, it ain't broke no more. :) Confirmed fix.

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