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0000194OpenMPT[All Projects] Feature Requestpublic2015-04-18 16:31
ReporterharbingerAssigned ToSaga Musix 
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Summary0000194: Rename Pattern shortcut

I often keep up with Pattern functions by naming them, such as "Verse 1 Line 1" or "Abm7 -> Gm6". However, duplicating a whole series (a god-sent feature) means i hafta go back and rename each pattern. This can only be done by clicking on the pattern index in the Order List, clicking in the Pattern name field to focus the input, type the name, then start over. Moving between mouse and keyboard more than once or twice begins to cause my inspiration to fade.

What we need is either:

  1. "Previous" and "Next" buttons in the Pattern Properties dialog, plus the ability to name Patterns there, OR
  2. A global keyboard shortcut to open a Rename dialog (or the Pattern Properties dialog with the option to name the pattern), so all i hafta do is make sure either the Order List, Pattern Editor, or a pattern in the Folder Tree has focus, press the shortcut, type the name, press Enter, then press the Prev/Next Pattern shortcut, and repeat, OR
  3. A new Pattern Manager dialog, which allows you to create the song structure from one dialog, as envisioned in this FR:
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2011-10-05 14:55


MyNewPatternAttributes.jpg (107,229 bytes)
MyNewPatternAttributes.jpg (107,229 bytes)
Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2015-03-09 16:43

administrator   ~0001972

Notice that you can rename patterns in the tree view by slowly double-clicking their labels or hitting Ctrl+Enter. Would that suit your use case?

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2015-03-20 15:51

administrator   ~0002018

Any input on my suggestion?



2015-03-20 19:31

reporter   ~0002019

Have yet to try it.

Can you post a quick link to the nightly?

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2015-03-20 19:37

administrator   ~0002020

That feature has been part of OpenMPT since at least version 1.23.

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