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0000193OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2011-10-05 19:27
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Summary0000193: Status Bar volume is not relative to Global Volume

The Status Bar in the Instruments page will show the current volume level of a dragged node in the Volume Envelope, from 0 to 64. However, i've noticed the envelope volume is limited by the Instrument's Global Volume. Shouldn't the shown volume be ratioed according to the Global Volume? Or does the 0 - 64 range represent something else, such as the value of some command effect?

So the user knows exactly the volume his envelope is applying, it seems the value range should be limited by 0 and the Global Volume.

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Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2011-10-03 18:35

administrator   ~0000514

The status bar values are the exact values of the envelope nodes. I don't see why that should include the global volume, since the global volume is, as the same suggests, global - it is multiplied with all other values. The displays says "Tick x, [y]", so I'd expect x and y to be values on the envelope graph, and not processed values that involve instrument global volume, song global volume, or whatever.
The same is true for the panning envelope, the values shown in the status bar are relative to the center, not to the instrument's or sample's default pan.



2011-10-05 14:46

reporter   ~0000517

I'm just saying the real envelope values are kind of useless unless THAT particular value is needed for a command effect for example. Otherwise i think the exact value would be more useful if it were relative to the Global Volume. And this would also be true if the pan envelope is limited by the pan swing.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2011-10-05 19:27

administrator   ~0000518

Pan Swing is random - how would you want to incorporate that into envelope value display?

Just think about it again - if the value display included global settings, it would become imprecise - if instrument global volume is currently, let's say, 10, you'd only get to see up to 10 distinct values in the help text - that is not satisfying when trying to draw precise volume envelopes. Just putting the global volume back to 64 just to have full precision while drawing envelopes is not something I'd want to do.

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