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Summary0001767: could we get the dsp effects in our stock filter list at all?

I realise they are "low quality" and you guys recommend that people use vsts or other external effects instead, but one in particular I can see myself using all the time is the bitcrusher for example. The bass boost looks like it goes to lower hertz than our directX paramEQ and I can see myself using that all the time too - I tend to use the distortion effect for a bass boost in stock ompt with the distortion turned all the way down, but still a simple bass boost like that could be a great thing I think - if none others than those two with just the sliders they already have I would be very grateful. I have vsts, but I would prefer to be able to do more with stock ompt than we are capable of now and those would open a world of possibilities with stock ompt. I know I had the bass boost on all the time back in the day before I used vsts and now I see why... it goes all the way down to 10hz and gives an amazing bass. That bitcrusher could be a great compliment to distortion and could probably bring out wonderful harmonics when focussed and resampled and filtered - which would require going into the settings to turn it off and on as it is laid out right now.

Maybe even not have them as external effect program things, but built into ompt so when you go to the effects dropdown after choosing a slot, they are under audio effects as "modplug legacy effects or something or maybe they can get their own little part of the tree eg:

-[] legacy effects (maybe stock effects? or MpL effects...)

<I graphic equalizer

<I automatic gain control

<I bitcrush

<I bass expansion

<I reverb

<I prologic surround

I think the key with this feature request is that would give those old effects new life, because they would then become something that is saved with the track and can be specifically targetted to specific sample based instruments or lightly applied to the opls with other effects on top of them taking a plain sound (specifically thinking of the bitcrusher here) to the next level entirely.

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Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2024-04-07 19:54

administrator   ~0005919

Even if we wanted to - these effects are implemented in a way that cannot be directly translated to OpenMPT's plugin architecture. And beyond that, there are crucial differences between DSPs that can only be configured "offline" (in the settings dialog) vs plugins whose parameters can be changed at any point of time in the song: The latter requires parameter smoothing to avoid clicks on parameter transitions, something that is not implemented at all in the legacy DSPs.

Also, any effect plugin we implement now, it will still have to work in 15 years, and its functionality is essentially set in stone, which is why I am extremely hesitant to add more internal plugins just for the sake of it. Let's say we added those legacy plugins now as a quick-and-dirty job. If a better, more modern replacement was added a year later, I would still have to support the code for both the legacy effects and new effects forever. And I have absolutely no intention of doing that.

There are plans to have a generic filter plugin at some point (similar to Electri-Q), with all sorts of filters (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, shelf, etc.). That would be able to completely replace the bass boost, for instance (bass boost is nothing more than a low shelf filter to boost the bass combined with a high-pass filter to remove DC offset), and of course the EQ section. The bitcrusher might find its way into a more generic "lofi" plugin that also does a few other things such as sample rate reduction (similar to E-Phonic Lofi).

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