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Summary0001759: Feature Request : Random fine tuning

This would be added to the mptm format.

This request is for a randomizer for the instrument tab.

I can imagine this being useful for drum samples and opl panning randomness. The idea is that we have a slider like other random sliders from no random to 2 semi tones of randomness. You hit a C5 in the pattern, and depending on the extent of your slider it will play the sound somewhere between B4 and C#5 (I dont imagine using it very far up the slider personally)... The way I see this benefiting drum samples is it would be another little thing to add randomised expression to the drumming that wouldnt have to be programmed into the pattern (I have before manually programmed some of this kinda thing into the pattern before and often have just done semi tones because of the benefit) - and the way I see it benefiting opls is putting a left and right channel for an opl has become common practice for me, we can get nice panning on the sounds that way especially with the random variation options we have... and another trick I have been deploying in this process is once I have the opl sound I like, I make a clone of it (or maybe two) and detune the one or both slightly from the 8363 hz... which has a widening effect on the sound result when each is played in opposite ears - having random variation on these small tuning changes could have some great and surprising results for the panning I think.

I am not sure where we would put this option in the instrument tab, and I completely understand if it is considered unviable for the reason of lack of space, but I really hope there is some kind of way we could make it happen. I love some unpredictability in a tune, and I think this could make for some really fun, subtle and wild results.
Maybe this will be something to consider for the future when some space can be found if we stop using the basic windows things like sliders for example... I could certainly design us some smaller ones, or maybe we can find a way to implement it into the "instrument editor" graphical place... or maybe even it could be implemented under that place, and only revealed if you resize the instrument editor - as an extra option... idk... The instrument tab is pretty packed I admit as it is.

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Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2024-03-23 12:02

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