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0001612OpenMPTGeneralpublic2022-07-06 15:45
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version7
Product VersionOpenMPT / libopenmpt 0.6.4 (current stable) 
Summary0001612: Cannot "find" by volume effect or volume effect data when volume field is auto-populated

When trying to find-replace, you cannot search for particular volume effects or volume effect data if the fields have not been entered manually.

See attached screenshots.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. New .IT project

  2. Draw a junk sample just to populate instrument field

  3. Enter some notes in pattern (step #2 ensures that volume is automatically populated with v64)

  4. Go to Find

  5. Search for "Volume effect: V" or "Volume Data: 64"

  6. Error message pops up.

Additional Information

I'm not sure if this is truly a bug or not, since the "auto-populated" volume data isn't "really there", and is just a reflection of the Default Volume in the samples tab.

Allowing Find>Replace to alter these may get a bit internally confusing, since the replaced values would have to be detached from the Default Volume. I can imagine situations where you'd want to be able to treat both auto-populated and manually-entered volume effects as the same, and I can also imagine situations where it'd be useful to only find the manually-entered effects, even if they're the same as the default.

Ultimately, though, since the "auto-populated" data does show up in the pattern, I think it ultimately makes slightly more sense to allow these values to pop up in the search results, even if they're not "really there". Others may think differently.

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2022-07-05 16:10


openmpt bug 01.png (57,962 bytes)   
openmpt bug 01.png (57,962 bytes)   
openmpt bug 02.png (32,903 bytes)   
openmpt bug 02.png (32,903 bytes)   
Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2022-07-05 16:22

administrator   ~0005246

Please see this FAQ entry: - it applies to find & replace as well.



2022-07-06 10:31

reporter   ~0005247

If a note doesn't have a volume command next to it, OpenMPT shows the default volume of each note in that cell.
In your case, OpenMPT is just showing the default volume for instrument 1, which is 64. Those v64 commands are not real.
You can also tell if a volume command is real or not by looking at its color. These "fake" volume commands are less vibrant compared to a real volume command that you actually insert.

If you want to find notes like this, you should look for notes with empty volume commands, not with v64, as that will look for notes with actual v64 commands.

findnotes.png (7,582 bytes)   
findnotes.png (7,582 bytes)   


2022-07-06 10:37

reporter   ~0005248

Also, if you think the default volume commands are confusing, you can disable "Show default volume commands" in the General tab in OpenMPT's settings.

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