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0001591OpenMPTUser Interfacepublic2023-04-12 18:28
Reportercs127 Assigned To 
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Platformx64OSWineOS Version7.16
Product VersionOpenMPT 1.31.00.* (old testing) 
Summary0001591: Visual glitches in Wine

I found some visual glitches when using OpenMPT in Wine.

When switching to another tab in OpenMPT, the first text box in that tab is invisible until I click it, or type something in it.
I'm not sure if it affects all tabs, but it is definitely noticeable in the General tab and the Comments tab, where the song title and song message disappear until they are clicked.

Another issue is that when resizing the window, or when opening/closing the Tree View, most of the buttons and text boxes in the current tab also disappear until they are interacted with.

I have only experienced these problems in Wine (on Linux), and not in Windows. They also seem to affect every version of OpenMPT I tried, even as old as 1.17.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Run OpenMPT on Wine.
  • Create a new module, or open an existing module.

For the first problem:

  • Switch to the General tab if you are in a different tab.
  • The text box for the song name will be invisible until you click it or type something in it.


  • Switch to the Comments tab
  • Switch to another tab
  • Switch to the Comments tab again
  • The song message will be invisible until you select it with your mouse.

For the second problem:

  • Resize the window, or open/close the Tree View.
  • Most elements in the tab will disappear until you interact with them, or you switch to another tab and then back to this one.
Additional Information

The first problem seems to be fixed now.

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song_name.png (22,931 bytes)   
song_name.png (22,931 bytes)   
song_message.png (10,026 bytes)   
song_message.png (10,026 bytes)   
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after_resizing_window.png (13,376 bytes)   
Has the bug occurred in previous versions?Yes
Tested code revision (in case you know it)17807


Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2022-04-22 13:28

administrator   ~0005162

Since these bugs don't occur on Windows, they need to be fixed in Wine.



2022-04-22 14:08

reporter   ~0005163

Well, is there a way to find out what exactly is causing the issue?

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2022-04-22 17:25

administrator   ~0005164

I'd guess that some paint messages are missing, or their effect is undone by a window clear message. Why either of that happens, I have no idea and I don't really have the knowledge how to debug that with Wine.



2022-09-03 15:26

reporter   ~0005294

Update: I'm currently using OpenMPT r17807 with Wine 7.16, and the first problem seems to no longer occur.

The second problem still persists though (buttons disappearing after resizing the window or opening/closing the tree view).



2023-04-12 18:24

reporter   ~0005668

Update 2: I'm currently using OpenMPT r19015 with Wine 8.5, and the second problem seems to be fixed too. I'm closing this issue.

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