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Summary0001564: randomization of effects/velocity

i posted this in the irc before but i missed if i got a response or not. i would be interested to have a right-click menu option for randomizing effects and velocity within a given range. there are several possible cases. for velocity, the idea would be self-explanatory. for volume effects, only the 2nd param can be randomized. for effects, there's the case of effects that go from 00 to FF (Exx/Fxx/Oxx), effects that have two arguments which are both factored in (like vibrato), effects that have 2 arguments where one of the arguments must be 0 (Dxx/Kxx/Lxx), and effects that have only one param (SCx/SEx/S7x) etc. I would be interested in forking mpt and working on this myself if it seems possible with mpt's architecture.

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Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2022-02-05 23:12

administrator   ~0005040

I remember rewbs started working on something like this way back in 2006 but all of that code has been removed from the codebase because it wasn't doing anything useful (all the randomization was in fact missing, just some basic GUI setup was there). If you want to give this a try yourself, I'd recommend having a look at the EffectInfo class which provides range information for various pattern effects. This is also what is used for the Find&Replace dialog, for example.

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