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0001563OpenMPTGeneralpublic2022-06-25 15:06
ReporterSaga Musix Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Summary0001563: Rename amd64 builds to x64 / x86-64?

I have now heard from several people that they were confused about the new build name "amd64", and it's undestandable: It's a common architecture name in the Linux world, but not so much on Windows: Windows itself uses the term "x64-based processor". To add to the confusion, "amd64" and "arm64" look very similar, making it easy to confuse the two. People may be aware that AMD and Intel both manufacture these chips but many are not aware that amd64 also refers to Intel processors.

I think it might make sense to change the name architecture name amd64 to x64. As a start, renaming the strings in the UI should be a fairly non-intrusive change. Whether we also want to rename the on-disk folders in a multi-arch installation can be debated (as it would move around files yet again this might be something for a major version bump), but I'd at the very least also rename the portable zip downloads.

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2022-02-05 14:10

administrator   ~0005035

"x64" is the most stupid name of all. It is trivially confused with "x86". I'd rather use that nowhere at all. I guess we could display "x86-64" to the user, but for anything internally, I would rather stick to "amd64", as this is what also Microsoft uses internally everywhere.



2022-02-05 14:14

administrator   ~0005036

rename-amd64-user-v1.patch (2,183 bytes)   
Index: installer/install-multi-arch.iss
--- installer/install-multi-arch.iss	(revision 16868)
+++ installer/install-multi-arch.iss	(working copy)
@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@
 Name: {group}\OpenMPT; Filename: {app}\bin\arm64\OpenMPT.exe; Check: CheckDefaultArch('arm64')
 Name: {group}\OpenMPT (x86); Filename: {app}\bin\x86\OpenMPT.exe; Components: archx86
-Name: {group}\OpenMPT (amd64); Filename: {app}\bin\amd64\OpenMPT.exe; Components: archamd64
+Name: {group}\OpenMPT (x86-64); Filename: {app}\bin\amd64\OpenMPT.exe; Components: archamd64
 Name: {group}\OpenMPT (arm); Filename: {app}\bin\arm\OpenMPT.exe; Components: archarm
 Name: {group}\OpenMPT (arm64); Filename: {app}\bin\arm64\OpenMPT.exe; Components: archarm64
Index: misc/mptOS.cpp
--- misc/mptOS.cpp	(revision 16868)
+++ misc/mptOS.cpp	(working copy)
@@ -240,7 +240,7 @@
 static constexpr ArchitectureInfo architectureInfo [] = {
 	{ Architecture::x86    , 32, UL_("x86")     },
-	{ Architecture::amd64  , 64, UL_("amd64")   },
+	{ Architecture::amd64  , 64, UL_("x86-64")  },
 	{ Architecture::arm    , 32, UL_("arm")     },
 	{ Architecture::arm64  , 64, UL_("arm64")   },
 	{ Architecture::mips   , 32, UL_("mips")    },
Index: mptrack/AboutDialog.cpp
--- mptrack/AboutDialog.cpp	(revision 16868)
+++ mptrack/AboutDialog.cpp	(working copy)
@@ -304,7 +304,7 @@
 #if defined(MPT_ENABLE_ARCH_AMD64)
-	features.push_back(U_("amd64"));
+	features.push_back(U_("x86-64"));
 	struct ProcFlag
Index: soundlib/plugins/PluginManager.cpp
--- soundlib/plugins/PluginManager.cpp	(revision 16868)
+++ soundlib/plugins/PluginManager.cpp	(working copy)
@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@
 			result = U_("x86 (32bit)");
 		case PluginArch_amd64:
-			result = U_("amd64 (64bit)");
+			result = U_("x86-64 (64bit)");
 		case PluginArch_arm:
 			result = U_("arm (32bit)");
rename-amd64-user-v1.patch (2,183 bytes)   
Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2022-02-05 14:15

administrator   ~0005037

x86-64 definitely has the advantage that it is visually different from both x86 and arm64.

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