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0001488OpenMPTFile Format Supportpublic2021-08-17 18:39
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Summary0001488: Allow exporting OPL commands for native playback

In order to play OpenMPT-made OPL tracks on real hardware, it could be useful to be able to export to a linear register dump format like DRO or VGM. This could be a new export option.

Things to consider:

  • Should there be an OPL2 mode? That would make sense for S3M. In which case...
    • OpenMPT does not include any delays when writing to OPL ports, because Opal (and OPL3) doesn't need them but OPL2 does. Need to generate artificial delays between register writes in the output file.
    • OpenMPT does not send any init commands such as Enable Waveform Select (m_opl->Port(1, 32)) , again because Opal doesn't need them. This means these commands would have to be added outside of the playback code.
  • Similar to OPL2 Enable Waveform Select, OpenMPT doesn't send the OPL3 enable command (m_opl_Port(0x105, 1)), because Opal doesn't need it. Again this needs to be written to the file outside of the playback code.
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