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0001438OpenMPTAudio I/Opublic2022-02-07 12:48
Reportersqrmax Assigned Tomanx  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityunable to reproduce
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Platformx86OSWindowsOS VersionXP
Product VersionOpenMPT / libopenmpt 0.4.11 (upgrade first) 
Target VersionOpenMPT / libopenmpt 0.6.1 (upgrade first) 
Summary0001438: Opus streaming export --- unexpected volume ramp

When exporting to Opus, the beginning of the resulting file has a short volume ramping period for a fraction of a second. This mutes the first attack in songs. Such ramping is not present in wav or ogg exports.

Steps To Reproduce

Load a module, and stream using the File menu. Set Opus output, Q5, 48khz, stereo, play the entire song, normalize output. Examine the beginning of the file, and compare this to the wav and ogg outputs.

The volume ramping with Opus seems to occur regardless of the module.

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Has the bug occurred in previous versions?
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2021-10-16 12:23

administrator   ~0004889

First off, Opus has no concept of quality, so the "Q5" you mentioned does not apply. I assumed VBR 128kbit for my testing, which is the default.
In any case, I cannot reproduce this problem with either 1.28 or 1.30. I cannot spot any additional ramping attenuation in exported opus files compared to wav.

Can you provide a short example file in both opus and wav format?

Which software are you using to look at the opus files? It may mishandle an OggOpus feature called pre-skip, which when mishandled could add additional samples prior to the intended data that ramp up in volume.

Also, did you change the hidden setting [Export]OpusComplexity (see <>)? That might also introduce artifacts.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2022-02-07 12:47

administrator   ~0005047

Last edited: 2022-02-07 12:48

Closing as the requested feedback was not provided and we're unable to reproduce the issue.

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