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0001422OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2023-01-23 17:41
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Product VersionOpenMPT 1.30.00.* (old testing) 
Summary0001422: Fadeout option when rendering

Currently to my knowledge MPT has no simple way of exporting songs that loop with a fadeout without adding a fadeout pattern to the module itself. Therefore, I think it would be nice to have the option when rendering to MP3/WAV/etc to set an optional fadeout length for the export. I haven't extensively thought through what it could look like UI-wise, but maybe a checkbox + input field similar to the "Limit song length" field? So for example I would be able to choose "play entire song 2 times" and select a fadeout length of 10 seconds and I'd end up with a render that plays the full loop twice and then 10 seconds of a third loop fading out.

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2021-04-02 12:31

reporter   ~0004698

You might also consider an option to delete silence at the end.



2023-01-22 11:37

reporter   ~0005492


Wxx is still useful for compability and if you want to force how the module should be played.

But fade-out in stream-export is useful if you're making streamed music with OpenMPT and want looped music with a clean fade-out, as Wxx fades out the linear global volume in steps, which can be heard especially in the lower volumes.

It also saves time in compo-context as the Wxx-method is a bit slower, whereas you have to duplicate the "loop-start" pattern and flood-paste Wxx, or do a trick with Wxx in the loop-start pattern and make it start fading once the song loops.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2023-01-23 17:41

administrator   ~0005493

There's so many possible parameters to change here (duration, fade curve, etc.) that I think it makes more sense to do these sort of operations in a dedicated sample editor (or the built-in sample editor if 16-bit resolution is sufficient). Makes it much easier to review and potentially re-do the change, too.

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