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0001376OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2020-10-04 19:38
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version10
Product VersionOpenMPT 1.30.00.* (current testing) 
Summary0001376: Option to convert bidi looped samples to regular loops

I think it would be useful, particularly when using MPT in conjunction with formats that don't support bidi loops, to be able to quickly convert them to regular monodirectional loops - that is, append the reversed loop section to the end of the original loop. this can be done manually with insert paste, but it is rather tedious. I imagine it would just be a context menu option or something.

also, if this is implemented, maybe it should be done automatically when importing/pasting a bidi-looped sample into mod/s3m format? or could be a toggleable setting somewhere

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