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0001360OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2020-12-04 18:52
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Summary0001360: Creation of a stereo-sample from two mono-sample.

I read a task about addition of sample in sample.
But I have other request.

To add to right sample the left sample from other instrument.
Often one instrument divided into Left and Right comes across.
It is necessary to use third-party Sound Editor for their association or to store in the module 2 instruments. Occupies such instrument 2 columns...

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2020-12-04 15:01

reporter   ~0004522

if I am interpreting this correctly, theoretically this is already possible in modplug with a little bit of effort, take your mono samples, hard pan channel a left and channel b right (or visa versa),place the samples at c-4 or whatever pitch you want for each on the first row of the channels, make a pattern of the length or longer than the samples and export that pattern to an internal sample... I could be wrong though, and yeah that is quite a bit of effort, but you dont have to go to an external editor for it.

Alex TEHb

Alex TEHb

2020-12-04 15:49

reporter   ~0004523

I understood the idea.
Perhaps I am mistaken, but at the same time inaccuracies, distortions will be inevitable...
Reminds, to write down music from columns via the microphone, and then back to digitize in a MP3...
I think, better and for certain to process in third-party Sound Editor's...

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2020-12-04 18:52

administrator   ~0004524

Yes, there are ways this can already be done but I completely support the idea of having the possibility to do this directly in the sample editor (especially with the prospect of more sample editing functionality being added in the future). It's just a matter of time and resources.

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