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0001357OpenMPTUser Interfacepublic2020-08-24 23:44
Reporternyanpasu64 Assigned ToSaga Musix  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionOpenMPT / libopenmpt 0.5.1 (upgrade first) 
Target VersionOpenMPT / libopenmpt 0.5.2 (upgrade first)Fixed in VersionOpenMPT / libopenmpt 0.5.2 (upgrade first) 
Summary0001357: When you delete a pattern, undoing the delete cannot be redone and doesn't reload tree view

In the tree view, if you delete a pattern, undo will not reload the tree view (the pattern won't reappear), and you can't redo the deletion.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Create a document in OpenMPT (I used .IT). Either stay in the General tab, or switch to Patterns.
  • In the left tree view, expand "Patterns" (not Sequence), and delete one pattern.
  • You cannot undo this unless the main window is in the Patterns tab. Switch there if you haven't done so. (label A)
  • Undo the operation.
  • The pattern is back, but doesn't appear in the tree view until you right-click and click Refresh.
  • You cannot redo the operation.

(In initial testing with an empty pattern, I was sometimes able to make both undo and redo act normally, and IIRC the pattern would disappear and reappear normally in the tree view. But in later testing, the bug always happens.)

Additional Information

Other oddities/bugs observed at label A:

  • If you deleted the pattern the editor was pointing to, the editor shows a a horizontal line, 0 rows tall.
  • If the pattern number was in the order list, it remains black until you cause the order list to redraw (eg. clicking on it).
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Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2020-08-24 23:44

administrator   ~0004430

All fixed in r13481.

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