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0001311OpenMPTFile Format Supportpublic2020-04-12 15:12
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Summary0001311: Add support for AMM AudioManager Module file

Format discovered in Platinum Play 3 is AMM. AMM is like AMF from DMP but tries to result in more smaller MOD-style format.

No other MOD players have added this format yet so this SHOULD be (guessing) the 2nd public program to load AMM files! (PP for DOS being the only-known first ones, Download for "AudioManager 4.0" XM/AMM MOD player for Windows is vaporware)

OpenMPT will import this in to S3M song format mode.

1B0x for Set LED Filter from MOD will still normally use S0x (or either ?0x, no effect in S3M, E0x is used in MOD)
1D0x for Invert Loop from MOD, will still be ?Fx (as EFx in MOD mode)

Additional Information

According to PP3.DOC: AMM is just another proprietary format used by Platinum Play III. It is usually much smaller than other formats, although sometimes it doesn't give good results. But problem could be solved (it's not really a problem, just that some music formats deletes unused patterns and stuffs...whereas mine doesn't to keep full info).
Modules converted to AMM format cannot be reconverted back to their respective original format. TAKE NOTE OF THIS!

Refer to CONV.EXE and AMM.DOC in:

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Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2020-04-12 15:10

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How many files are there that are only available in this format but not their original source format?

PS: Implementing a new file format is never "priority: high". Don't expect me to sit down and write support for a completely new format over a month just because you found out about a new format. New formats are the least priority actually, providing good support for existing formats is much more important.

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