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0000127OpenMPT[All Projects] Feature Requestpublic2015-01-08 06:44
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Summary0000127: Compose Mode

When transferring sheet music into ModPlug, where i have to step-record one note at a time into the Pattern Editor, I hafta know how many measures will be entered and then manually create them one by one in the Order List. My previous request for a Pattern Setup dialog is complicated i'm sure and not easily implemented. But i do need something to be able to automatically generate maeasures as i transcribe.

Right now, my method is to start in an empty Order List with Pattern 0, and enter by keypress the notes for one track. Then with a shortcut, switch to the Order List, insert a pattern index with another shortcut, then switch back to the PE with a shortcut. Now the cursor is in the new pattern but in the wrong row, so i have to press Home to get it to the first row. Then 4 quarter notes and do it again. As you can see, i spend more time creating patterns than plugging in notes.

With a General Option like Compose Mode, when you reach the end of a measure in the last pattern (a pattern before a null pattern), ModPlug would automatically create a new pattern, and if the Continuous Scroll option is checked, the cursor is set to its next place in the new pattern. This way i could continually enter the notes without being sidetracked with maintenance. And even better if there is a keyboard shortcut for it in the Global context.

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related to 0000480 assignedSaga Musix Automatically insert new patterns during recording 




2015-01-07 22:43

reporter   ~0001911

When you say that your cursor is in the wrong row, do you mean that it moves down a row every time you enter a note? You can easily fix that by setting the edit step to 0.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2015-01-08 06:44

administrator   ~0001913

No he doesn't. Anyway, it seems like this is very closely related to 0000480, something I started implementing a while ago but it posed some problems, so it's currently on halt.

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