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0001264OpenMPTGeneralpublic2021-11-02 20:51
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Summary0001264: Turn CriticalSection into shared mutex

We should consider turning the CriticalSection lock used to serialize access to CSoundFile from different threads into a shared_mutex. Right now the differences are negligible, but in the future there are several ways we can take advantage of this feature:

  • Scripting API: Script access to CSoundFile doesn't have to block audio thread if it's just reading
  • Autosave: Can safely run in another thread without blocking GUI and audio thread, but would still block edits made at the same time, obviously.

Read access to const CSoundFile would go through shared_lock, write access to CSoundFile would go through unique_lock.

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As we currently rely on CriticalSection being a recursive mutex, and there is no shared_recursive_mutex in C++, we'd need to work around that (e.g. like this).

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2020-05-24 12:48

administrator   ~0004343

It probably makes sense to split out a separate mutex for the PlayState at the same time. The PlayState is written-to by the audio thread, while the rest of CSoundFile is not.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2020-05-24 12:53

administrator   ~0004344

I thought the same initially but it isn't 100% true: The "invert loop" MOD command modifies sample data, so if we do that, an extra lock would have to be acquired when that command is encountered.

The Paula resampler and OPL emulator states (which are not part of PlayState) are also written to in the mixer but there are no heap allocations in those apart from the initial mixer initialization.

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