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0001238OpenMPT[All Projects] Feature Requestpublic2019-08-11 17:24
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Summary0001238: Easier sample slicing

It'd be really nice to be able to make a selection of a sample and instantly be able to copy it into a new sample slot, for example when breaking down a drum loop it'd be super convenient to be able to just select drum 1 -> keyboard shortcut -> select drum 2 -> keyboard shortcut ... etc. Alternatively, maybe a set of "slice points" would be a better solution to that issue - something like the existing cue points, but without a fixed number of them and probably just temporary and not stored in the module whatsoever, just for quick slicing.

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2019-08-11 17:24

reporter   ~0003997

I would also like similar changes. The sample cue feature is very nice but I would use it way more often if it behaved as follows:

  • Allow fewer than 9 cue points, and don't set any points by default. Very rarely would I want to split my sample into exactly ten parts. Slice at Cue Points should allow splitting into three or four samples. (playbackwise, if cue 4 is not set and o04 appears in the volume column, I am fine with ignoring the volume command and playing from the beginning of the sample)
  • Make cue points visible in the sample editor. I believe there is already a ticket for this.
  • Allow playback from cue points in the sample editor, perhaps by using the right-click context menu.

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