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0001175OpenMPTGeneralpublic2018-12-22 20:31
ReporterDrillimation Assigned ToSaga Musix  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version10
Product VersionOpenMPT / libopenmpt 0.3.13 (upgrade first) 
Target VersionOpenMPT / libopenmpt 0.4.0 (upgrade first)Fixed in VersionOpenMPT / libopenmpt 0.4.0 (upgrade first) 
Summary0001175: 0xC0000005 error when attempting to open an instrument file

OpenMPT crashes with the following info when attempting to open an instrument file:

Unhandled exception 0xC0000005 at address 0x00007ff660624d95 occurred.

Debug information has been saved to
C:\Users\drill\AppData\Local\Temp\OpenMPT Crash Files\2018-12-05 19.14.41\

2 modified files have been rescued, but it cannot be guaranteed that they are still intact.

OpenMPT 64 bit UNICODE ( (clean))

Steps To Reproduce

Open a new module, and insert a file.

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2018-12-06 00:19


2018-12-05 (156,869 bytes)


2018-12-06 00:44


2018-12-05 (106,450 bytes)
Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2018-12-06 19:56

administrator   ~0003749

Funnily enough, I managed to trigger exactly the same crash just a day before you reported this. Not so funnily, it's a very mysterious and hard to debug crash.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2018-12-06 21:40

administrator   ~0003750

I do think I managed to understand and fix the issue. Please download OpenMPT 1.28 r11008 or newer, soon available from (within the next few hours) to verify if you still experience this issue.

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