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0001139OpenMPTPlugins / VSTpublic2018-08-20 11:53
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Summary0001139: Visual node editor for VST plugins

I think it'd be cool if we had something more convenient for binding VST plugins than lists. (see attachments) Such feature should simplify and perhaps expand the use of VST plugins in OpenMPT. I've seen node editors in other digital software such as Natron where it's used to connect graphical effects. (

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duplicate of 0000701 assignedSaga Musix Move plugin settings to separate tab, add modular view 




2018-08-19 22:16


node_editor.png (52,478 bytes)   
node_editor.png (52,478 bytes)   


2018-08-20 10:31

reporter   ~0003603

Please don't close this issue. 0000701 doesn't represent anything I suggested here.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2018-08-20 11:53

administrator   ~0003604

"the lower part will be a visual representation of the plugin routing graph à la Buzz." is exactly what you describe in this issue.

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