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0001042OpenMPTlibopenmptpublic2024-05-01 21:41
ReporterSaga Musix Assigned To 
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Target VersionOpenMPT 1.?? (libopenmpt 1.0) (goals) 
Summary0001042: Render pattern channels to separate buffers

Suggested by emoon (and some other people in the past): Provide a libopenmpt interface for rendering each channel separately, e.g. so that you can draw scopes for each pattern channel.
OpenMPT could also benefit from this.
Plugins make this more complicated because if two channels feed their output into one plugin, we cannot tell them apart anymore. Renoise "solves" this by only showing the plugin output on one of the channels (the last one that triggered a note, I think).
We can already render channels to different buffers (e.g. for plugins or reverb), so the infrastructure is there, it just cannot be used to its full extent at the moment.

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2018-03-05 11:13

administrator   ~0003461

We should also at least consider not only supporting rendering pattern channels into separate buffers, but also rendering individual instruments into separate buffers. (suggested by Bombe on IRC)



2018-05-17 15:04

reporter   ~0003529

Wanted to add that this feature would be very much welcomed and would add additional value to the base library. A lot of us old school users are visualization nerds, especially when it comes to mod files :)



2023-07-27 23:29

reporter   ~0005766

Last edited: 2023-07-27 23:29

This would be very welcome. My particular use-case is I would like to use libopenmpt to render mods in realtime and be able to mix the channels separately in a live setting. What I would ultimately like is to integrate libopenmpt and Pure Data <> so that libopenmpt renders the audio into X channels and then these come into Pure Data for further processing and manipulation. Both audio and event data could be brought in.



2024-05-01 21:36

reporter   ~0005944

Last edited: 2024-05-01 21:41

I would also want this, to show visualizations in my player, BZR Player 2.

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