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0000978OpenMPTUser Interfacepublic2017-06-13 18:09
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PlatformLaptopOSWindowsOS Version8.1 64 Bit
Product VersionOpenMPT 1.27.00.* (old testing) 
Summary0000978: Sample shine through in Sampleview

In the Sampleview, at the side of the Grid-settings-Button,
there could be a number up/down box, with a number for each existing sample and a 0 (zero) sample to represent no sample.
then a user could look at his Sample in the sampleview and select an other sample in this numberbox or 0 for none.
an then the selected sample will some how shine through behind the actual opened sample or in the case of 0 only the actualy opened sample it self will be displayed.
in that way a user, who likes to draw his samples, can quickly draw similar samples or maybe also very different samples as she/he may likes them to be.
i also can imagine that this could be useful in some kind of sample cuting process, a user could quickly see where things happen in one sample and where to cut happenings out of an other sample (some how in such a way).

I dont know if this is what every one needs but i strongly think that every one could use it

this settings would not touch any fileformat it self
but may it would need some ini settings for colour and transparency of the sample below the actual sample.

i would like to use this, to draw very similar samples
and i am sure, i also would use it sooner or later to cut some how layered stuff out of stuff.

And to be honest, without opening a new issue...
... a similar functionality in the instrument view where you can let shine through the envelope of one instrument in the display of an other instrument would be awesome too.

Steps To Reproduce

open a sample in sampleview
open a second sample in sample view
in the number box select the first sample
the sample will shine through

convert all samples to instruments
open the first instrument and draw an envelope
select the second instrument
in near of the zoom buttons select the first instrument
the envelope will shine through

to disable shine-through select sample or instrument 0 because they start with 1 and 0 is none.

Additional Information

this would be a great favour and some major awesome change in the userinterface.

thanks any way ... Mod Plug is the best :D

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Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2017-06-13 16:43

administrator   ~0003079

Why don't you simply copy over the sample that should look look similar to the one you want to draw?



2017-06-13 18:09

reporter   ~0003080

Thats what i actualy do.
Then i redraw on them
i have found two ways to redraw samples and i also use them both.
copy and paste and then make some changes
or look at one and redraw it completely out of mind.
What i would like is some how a way in between.
to not copy samples but redraw them completely on the base of some display layer instead of by remembering out of mind.

after this idea
i thoght how i could abuse this functionality also to cut out samples or fill in samples
i could look at some sampled beats while i could work on a other sample to cut stuff out of it to let the beat fall in
or reverse to cut some beats out of the sample to let some noise of an other sample fall in
then i thoght this would also be usable if may one looped beat has an offset to start and you like to cut the offset out until it reaches the end of the sampled FX that you place before the sampled beats

then i thoght about how helpful it would be in the case of an instrument envelope
often i try to create some how room between instruments by seperating theyr envelopes some how
so it could be useful to see the envelope of one instrument shining through the other instrument
so you can quickly see and compare the peaks (envelope) of all instruments against the instrument envelope you are working at just by switching this number up down box up and down.

it is not the same as switching quickly between instruments or samples as you cant compare them against others but just switch them
with a shine through you could open one instrument or sample and compare it to all other samples or envelopes in the case of instruments.

and this option to compare samples or instruments in such a way could also be an educative component to users.

some times i like to look at samples by others and experiment with them redraw stuff or cut stuff or insert stuff and when every thing fails i come back to what it was before and at the end i have to copy paste it again.... with a background layer it would be like an original against an remake and if the remake fails you just start with a kind of original template some how, the sample displayed below... or envelope

in the case of sampled beats i would compare-view them with a short other sample
both would start at sample 1 but the view would be big as the longer sample or the active sample, at the end it does not matter the zoomfactor is on all samples the same
so i could see my short effect sample behind the desired beats sample
then i would add a lot of silence at the begining of the beat sample
and then cut out silence until my effect and beat sample fit together
at the end i need the ears any way to make it perfect
but i could add some amount of samples and then more or less see directly what i may have to cut out, shome how you could say a quater of the view you have to cut out samples until the end of one and the start of the other come together
you also could fade out or in some beats on the sampled beats and quickly fit in a other sampled sound
it would be a bit like mixing on the base of samples instead of chanel effects

maybe this would also lead to some new kind of creative while still simple sampleprocessing/creating/mixing/remaking

it would also not be like in other applications some kind of endles rainboewd ghost channels
just one active and one passive in behind sample or envelope.

there more i think about there more i think this functionality would be even more helpful on envelopes of instruments
i would start to use it right imediately in all ways :D

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