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0000966OpenMPTUser Interfacepublic2017-06-05 18:28
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version8
Product VersionOpenMPT 1.27.00.* (old testing) 
Summary0000966: Sample View should be able to remember its Grid Settings

ModPlug should remember its last used Samplegrid settings.
May this is a lot to do...

Steps To Reproduce

Open a ompt file
create a first sample
enter some samplegrid settings

create a second sample with the same amount of samples as the first one
now modplug should apply the same grid settings as the last created sample that uses the same sample lenght.

now create a third sample with some other sample lengh.
do some grid settings

now create a fourth sample with the same settings as in the first sample
mod plug should now use the grid settings as in the first sample on your fourth sample because they use the same amout of samples

now change the grid settings in the fourth sample
and create a new sample with the same sample amount as the fourth samle sample
now modplug should suggest the grid settings as changed/used in the fourth sample, because the settings were used last on this amount of samples in one sample.
create again a sample with the same samples amount as the third sample, now modplug should act smart and suggest the grid settings as in the third sample with the same amount of samples, but different samplegrid settings while it was used last.
and when you create again a sample with the same amount of samples as the a other sample it will suggest the last gridsettings of the last created sample with the same amount of samples.

i agree, this description is confusing sample samples firsth second and so on...
... but i hope you get a piture of hat i mean.

just create a sample with gridsettings and create a other one with instantly the same gridsettings as last time used if they are the same size. If there is no sample with the same size it could be blank and if there is a sample with same size and gridsettings it will use the same gridsettings as before.

... some how...

in that way a user can draw very quicky and painles similar samples in her/his creative flow

Additional Information

it would also be cool if such settings get some how stored in the ompt file it self.

... any way ... ModPlug is great...
... and you guys working on ModPlug it self are great too ;D
Thanks a lot!

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Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2017-06-05 18:28

administrator   ~0003046

I'm not sure if I understand this overly complicated report correctly but the sample length never influcences the sample grid; if you set the sample grid size to e.g. 16, then all samples will be divided into 16 segments, no matter how long they are. Changing this based on the sample length would be the exact opposite of the originally intended functionality.

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