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0000870OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2016-09-11 14:42
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version7
Summary0000870: Find Replace - Choose more than one pattern (or specific ) patterns to find

In the Find & Replace dialogue, I wished for a feature, where you can choose:

  • Only in Patterns: xx to yy,
  • In Patterns (write with comma and dash): "1,2,4,8,12-15..." etc)

This would quicken the process to exchange for example an instrument in certain patterns (neither "current pattern" nor "whole song", nor "current selection" works for this).

I found that I need this quite often. For now I go in each pattern manually, press CTRL+F then enter/return. Good, but this process can be speed up still and automated. Thanks!

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related to 0000064 new Find over a pattern range (or selection) 


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