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0000854OpenMPTUser Interfacepublic2016-08-08 16:33
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Summary0000854: Order List behaviour when editing patterns

When selecting (highlighting) a pattern in the pattern order list, by standard you can move around in the order list by pressing left,right, or up, down with the cursor keys or also Pos1/End on the keyboard. I know, you can switch this off in the keyboard settings in the setup (just remove the shortcuts). :)

Now, the mentioned keys do nothing. Good, but personally, I would want the cursor-keys and pos1/end etc, to work (be active) always for the pattern editor, even when you select and highlight a pattern in the order list, is that possible? (Maybe I overlooked something here). I mean without having to click on the pattern editor with the mouse or without having to press return/tab (standard keys for switching over to edit the pattern) again. Sorry if that has been discussed before, and thanks for your reply!

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2016-08-08 16:33

reporter   ~0002571

Ok, using the "+/- shortcuts" on the num keypad does exactly what I wanted, without even using the mouse, so, that's alright. :)

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