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0000853OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2016-08-09 01:31
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Summary0000853: Note Humanization / Humanize / Humanizing

Is an automated note humanizing feature already implemented in OpenMPT? Meaning, the direct opposite of quanzive for live recordings (alt+q). Practically, humanizing could be SDx (note delay) random values inserted as effect to some/most of the notes in the specified channel or selected pattern content. Even negative values (note played a bit earlier that set in pattern) would be fine.

In the instrument tab, there is already random variation for volume, panning cutoff and resonance, which is cool, but not for notes?

If this could be implemented, an intensity slider would be nice (extra fine note delay to even row-wise note delays, applied to a selection in the pattern editor).

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2016-08-08 17:14

reporter   ~0002574

  • quanzive = quantize. Grow/shrink selection is a nice thing, but not what I'm describing here in this issue.
Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2016-08-08 23:39

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This is probably one of the oldest feature requests but it never made its way over to the issue tracker, so thanks for posting it here. It would definitely be a useful feature to have.

Decade old forum topic for reference:



2016-08-09 01:31

reporter   ~0002585

Thanks, yes, that would be a wonderful feature addition! Yes, I think I've read that thread some days ago.

For starters, a function that just writes some random SDx effects next to the notes in the pattern selection (right click > note humanizing...), should be rather easy to implement. Refining this later could be a possibility then (a dialogue where you can set intensity, and the possibility for positive and negative values and humanize-unaffected notes). Negative could be done like that: Setting a specific note one row earlier automagically in the pattern plus giving it a SDx note delay effect, as well, to make it play a bit earlier by "mistake" i.e. humanizing.

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