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Summary0000264: Handling larger samples

One of the projects i'm working on requires that i take a full guitar track (in the form of a sample) and create backup instruments and apply other tracks under it. For my purposes, MPT is better than a DAW in mixing tracks and applying FX. But there are some lingering inherent problems when using extremely large samples. So here is a list to help users handle large samples and make using MPT as a pseudo-mixer easier.

  1. Extension Parameter Notation in Status Bar: In the Sample Display, the devs have graciously given us the chance to see the values of the SAx-Oxx combination that we can enter into the PE to play the sample at a given location. But above SAF-OFF we are treated to the message "Beyond offset range." With Parameter Extension commands in the MPTM format, you can access higher offets, but there is no hint for such high offsets. The reason I need it is to basically split the playback based on the pattern so i don't hafta listen from the beginning every time i edit a pattern. So what would help is a hint like O12, #FF, #00 to show that the play cursor will start from sample 12FF00. for example. This of course is the notation in order that i would enter into the PE.

  2. With higher offsets, the loop text fields in the Samples page don't show all the digits at once when the loop point is greater than 7 digits. Perhaps these fields can be widened a couple or three digits.

  3. Better Grid sectioning, which is actually in another Feature Request.

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